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Quarantine Bucket List for Families

by Megan

It looks like we are all staying put for a least another month, so we might as well make the best of it! I sure hope all of your families and friends are staying healthy and happy. Today I’m sharing a whole lot of great ideas for how to spend your time at home, with my Quarantine Bucket List for Families!

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We had plans to fly to London near the end of April and then travel throughout Europe for the rest of the year. Needless to say, those plans have all been canceled (well, hopefully just postponed). When we found out that we’d be staying in Arizona for the next little while, my husband made a list of what he called “quarantivities” to help us stay positive, entertained, and excited about being, well, stuck.

Our Kids Quarantine Bucket List was such a hit, that I just had to create another one with the whole family in mind. This list is divided into sections and includes ideas for entertainment, education, self-care, fitness, house projects, and staying in touch with loved ones, as well as specific activities for younger kids, couples, and the whole family. I hope you love it!

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100 Quarantine Activities for Families

Below you’ll find a printable checklist. Click the image to save it to your computer as a PDF, and the links will be clickable!

Browse for ideas by category, or just go through one by one, and cross off each activity as you do it!

quarantine bucket list for families
Click the image above to download a printable/clickable checklist!


  • Board games – Like Pandemic! …too soon?
  • Trivia – My husband and I have really been enjoying this 90s trivia game!
  • Jackbox Games – Fun, digital games you can play with friends over the interwebs
  • Escape the room – Online versions or create your own at home!
  • Video games, especially cooperative ones – We like Putty Pals and Overcooked
  • Puzzles
  • Roll20 – Online D&D, play with friends remotely!
  • Game jam – Create games on Mario Maker or RPG Maker, then play each other’s games!
  • Download some new apps – PBS Kids has fun games for little ones
  • One Quiet Year – a creative game that only requires a blank paper and a deck of cards





Cleaning and decluttering

  • Clean out your closets
  • Purge your clothes – then make style pinboards and order some more! ;)
  • Assess your home decor and plan updates
  • Organize your garage or basement
  • Purge kids toys
  • Organize your kitchen cabinets
  • Finish undone projects around the house
  • Organize your digital storage (link to digital storage post)
  • Clean out your medicine cabinets
  • Prep some freezer meals

Stay in touch with family

  • Video calls
  • Send care packages
  • Have virtual lunch dates
  • Have a whole virtual special day – We’re planning one for each of our kids with their grandparents!
  • Play online games together
  • Do a craft together on a video call
  • Send a real letter or postcard
  • Send questions to a grandparent to answer about their life
  • Email a friend
  • Send a digital present

For the little ones

Couples only

  • Record a song together
  • Show Her Off dance lessons
  • Quaran-cocktails (cocktails…made during a quarantine)
  • Order a meal prep kit, then
  • Have a candlelit dinner
  • Plan five fun dates for after quarantine is lifted
  • Plan five fun dates you can do at home
  • Trade massages
  • Read out loud to each other
  • Watch each other’s favorite movie

Whole family activities

  • Hold a Chopped-style cooking contest
  • Family band
  • Living room campfire night – with sleeping bags and microwave s’mores!
  • Get a map and mark the places you’ve been
  • Family talent show
  • Giant coloring poster
  • Movie theatre night – with popcorn and candy
  • Whole house Twister – “Right hand on table, knee on Dad!”
  • Put together care packages for health care workers or shelters
  • Make-your-own pizza night – get individual-sized pizza crusts and have everyone add their toppings of choice!

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