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Boredom Busters for Cooped-Up Kids

by Megan

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and received the included Carter’s clothing as compensation.

Spring is springing here in Arizona, but even us desert-dwellers have days when we are stuck in the house with nothing but chores and the same old toys! Today I want to share how stressed-out moms and bored kids can turn things around and have an awesome day, no matter where you are!

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The truth is- kids are so creative, and they need very little to have a good time and entertain themselves. So when they are driving you up the wall, Mom, I want you to take them to one of three places: Outside, On The Floor, or In The Car.

Whether you can dedicate the whole day to playing together, or if you can only spare 15 minutes, a change of location can bring a much needed attitude change for all.

Boredom Busters


The world beyond your front (or back) door is full of possibilities, especially for kids. An adult might see a swing, where a kid will see a rocket ship, a school desk, an obstacle course, or a hot seat in a trivia game.

When my kids are bored, I often shoo them outside, and within seconds they are fully immersed in an imaginative game and even (gasp!) getting along!

On The Floor

Try this: spread a blanket on the living room floor. That’s it! Just do that and see what your kids do with it. It might become a dance floor or a picnic site, or they may just bring over their toys and play on it.

This is an easy one if you have a baby, like we do! I spread a blanket for baby and her toys every day, which often attracts the other kiddos. The big kids love to get on the floor and play with Melody and her baby toys!

In The Car

This is my “if all else fails” situation. Pile everyone in the car and go for a drive. You can have a destination or not. Remember all those road trip games you played as a kid? Finding the alphabet letters on signs, I Spy, 20 Questions, etc? Well they are fresh and new for your kids, so teach them how to play, then sit back and enjoy the views.

Really having a trying day? Well then try all three solutions! The days can be long, and sometimes a change of pace and scenery might be just what you and the kids need.

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