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Halloween Handwriting Worksheets

by Megan

Ready to spice up handwriting practice? What if I said we were “pumpkin spicing” it up?!

Our alphabet practice paper has been such a hit that I was inspired to create some new handwriting printable packs for the upcoming holidays. First up, Halloween!

Halloween handwriting practice worksheets

Halloween Handwriting Printables

Handwriting practice might not be the most exciting part of the school day, but it’s essential for young ones just learning to write and older kids who need their print to be more legible. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

This handwriting printable pack includes 26 Halloween handwriting worksheets — one page for each letter of the alphabet. Each worksheet includes uppercase and lowercase practice, as well as a fun Halloween-themed word and graphic.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

These worksheets are Fundations-style, which means I’ve included icons on the left-hand side to denote the sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line. This helps kids know where to start and where to go while forming their letters.

You can grab your pack below! It’s just $4 for an instant download and unlimited personal and educational use, and that little bit goes a long way in helping me continue to provide resources for you, so thanks so much!

Get your Halloween Handwriting Printable Pack

Tips for Halloween handwriting practice

Halloween handwriting practice is the perfect activity to include throughout September and October, for all ages! Never hurts to have a review. My 4-year-old who is just learning to write her letters will be using these practice sheets, and my 12-year-old whose handwriting leaves a lot to be desired will be using them too!

Personally, I’m not above bribery, so if you want to award a job well done with a piece of candy (very on-theme), feel free!

Or if it helps them get into the mood, why not do handwriting practice while dressed in their Halloween costume? Might as well get more than one night’s use out of them!

Practicing handwriting in Halloween costumes
As Vanessa said, “Even Jedis have to practice their handwriting!”

We have more holiday-themed handwriting printable packs, which I’ll be writing about soon, but if you want to get a head start, you can head to our shop page and get them all now!

Happy Halloween handwriting!

Halloween handwriting paper
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