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The Office Workout Game

by Megan

We all love The Office and have probably watched the entire series more than once, so spice up your next binge session with The Office Workout Game! It’s not hard at all! #thatswhatshesaid

The Office workout game graphic

What is a workout game, you ask? Well if you’ve ever played a drinking game, it’s very similar. Except instead of taking shots and sips, you’ll be doing crunches, lunges, pushups, and more!

When certain things happen, you’ll have exercise tasks to perform, and this will keep your heart pumping through the whole show! Episodes are about 20 minutes long, so it’s a great way to sneak in a quick workout WHILE watching your favorite show.

Your workout will change with every episode! Some of these things happen several times in each episode and some only happen occasionally, so each new episode brings an exciting and fun new workout!

The Office Workout Game

I highly recommend reading this list through a few times and getting familiar with what’s on the list and what exercises you need to perform when they happen. That way you’ll be ready to bust out those crunches when Jim makes that iconic “Jim face” at the camera or launch into your mountain climbers when Jan makes an appearance.

Theme song
“That’s what she said”
Michael misuses or mispronounces a word
Jim makes a “Jim face” at the camera
Dwight mentions his family, farm, or beets
Someone says “the temp”
Angela rolls her eyes
Someone plays a prank
Michael insults Toby
Jan shows up
Someone is wearing a costume
Michael uses a nickname for someone
Jim and Pam have a romantic moment
Creed is…Creed
Andy sings or plays an instrument
Talking head interview
Conference room meeting
Party Planning Committee meeting
End credits

Lunges for duration
5 pushups
10 high knees
20 crunches
30 sec plank
10 reverse crunches
10 bicycle crunches
30 sec wall sit
10 butt kicks
20 mountain climbers
10 supermans
5 burpees
10 skater jumps
10 squats
10 tricep dips
5 jumping jacks
10 pushups
Shadow box for duration
Stretch it out!

Print out the graphic below for easy reference while watching. Feel free to pin it, too, so you can find your way back here the next time you start a rewatch or binge session!

The Office workout game

Just check out these great testimonials:

Dwight: Forget everything you thought you knew about ab workouts.
Jim: Done.

Pam: It’s totally going to change the way I work out.

Dwight: I apologize for creating a ruse which forced you to exercise.

As of March 2020, The Office is still available to stream on Netflix, but if you order the whole series on DVD you get commentary, deleted scenes, and so much more! Below is my affiliate link to order the set (doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I get a small commission!). Click here or the image below to order!


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