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Quarantine Bucket List for Kids, by Kids

by Megan

Hi! This is Carter and Vanessa, and we wrote this post for our mom’s blog (we even took all the pictures!). Carter is 11, and Vanessa is 9.

selfie of kids

We’ve been stuck inside for a while now, quarantined, and we know you are too. There are many things we do when we’re stuck inside with nothing to do, and we’d like to share them with you in our Kids Quarantine Bucket List!

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Quarantine Bucket List for Kids

We decided to make a list of things we can do when we’re getting bored of being stuck inside all day. We usually like to play make-believe games and do artsy stuff, but you’ll find a variety of activities on our list.

We came up with 30 ideas, so try one each day and before you know it, the quarantine might be over!

Here’s our list!

1. Create a trivia contest with questions about your family
2. Invent new superheroes and dress up and be them
3. Draw a picture for someone else

girls drawing

4. Try origami (check Youtube for tutorials!)
5. Use a phone to film a short movie
6. Build with blocks/LEGOs

kids playing with blocks

7. Write a journal entry
8. Put on a fashion show
9. Take a bubble bath

Vanessa: “Nothing like a good ol’ bubble bath.”

10. Give people rides in a spinny chair
11. Write a story
12. Play on a trampoline

Carter: “Some people may not have a trampoline, but there are still other fun things to do.”

13. Play restaurant
14. Take a nap
15. Use sticks as swords

boys playing with sticks

16. Play with old toys
17. Play outside
18. Put a big sheet of paper on the ground and draw on it

Carter: “This is great for little kids who draw on the walls and floors.”

19. Paint a picture
20. Create a board game
21. Bake cookies

girls in aprons

Vanessa: “Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies—they’re sweet and fun to bake! Just try not to put them in the oven for too long…”

22. Make lunch/dinner
23. Make a word search
24. Play a board game

Vanessa: “Board games are fun and usually really easy to learn.”

25. Play school
26. Do a puzzle
27. Sneak across the house without being caught

Carter: “I do this all the time, and I’m really good.”

28. Have a movie theater night at home
29. Design a theme park
30. Read a book

Vanessa reading

We hope everyone is safe and healthy, and we hope you find this list helpful! If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in a comment, or let us know what you want our next list to be!

kids quarantine bucket list
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