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Bella Gravida: Maternity Reimagined

by Megan

I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Bella Gravida. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Raise your hand if you love to shop for maternity clothes…

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

No matter how excited you are to be growing a real live person inside, there are parts of pregnancy that just aren’t fun. Fitting into clothes often falls into this category! #canIgetanamen

And then, after you finally find some tents that will fit over you and pass as clothing, you have the baby and you have no need for those “clothes” anymore!


Luckily we live in the 21st century, and times have changed. Bella Gravida is a brand-new, monthly subscription, maternity clothing company, and with their service, you can look great and save money!

Bella Gravida means “beautifully pregnant” in Italian, and that’s exactly how you’ll feel. Instead of having to buy your own maternity wardrobe that will only fit you for a short period of time, you pay a flat monthly fee, and Bella Gravida will send you outfits with free shipping and unlimited exchanges. They even do the laundry!

Monthly plans start at $39 per month, which is really a steal when you consider how much you would need to spend on maternity clothing for all stages of pregnancy, and how temporary those pieces of clothing would be.

If you’ve been following along on my blog, you’ll know that we are currently TTC, so this is definitely a service I hope to take advantage of very soon and experience affordable luxury maternity clothing!


Bella Gravida is brand-new and already revolutionizing the way we handle our maternity clothing needs. Be sure to give them a like or a follow on Facebook and Twitter!


I love hearing about new companies and products that are helping us to be more efficient: saving money, time, and even closet space!

We’ve made it to Day 19 of the “Baby Steps to a Better You” challenge, and today’s task is to declutter a room in your house.

Whether having a neat, organized, and clean house is your goal for this month or not, I’m sure we all have at least one room (if not all! #me) that could use a major declutter, purging of unnecessary items, and deep cleaning!

Don’t get overwhelmed and try to do all of your rooms in one day. Today just pick one. Maybe it’s where your workspace is, or maybe you’ll clean up the kitchen so you can make a meal for tonight.

Start with one, and then when you have another chunk of free time, tackle a second room and tidy up the first. Keep going, and soon you’ll have a gorgeous house that contains only the things that you absolutely love.

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