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Booty Boot Camp #WorkoutAtHome

by Megan

Are you ready to get your glutes into gorgeous shape? Well if you got “back” of any kind, we want you to bring it, baby. Today I have a workout challenge that will kick your booty into the best shape it has ever been. Say hello to your new sexy butt. Home workout equipment not needed, just you, your booty, and some space to move.

Butt Home Workout

People of all sizes will look better with a toned behind! This workout will help you get that lift you need and the definition that will make any outfit look amazing. Confidence, here we come!

It’s time to quit your excuses, turn up the beat, and shake your booty. Combine this routine with my back and leg workouts if you dare! Find those workouts and more on my “Workout At Home” series page.

Booty Boot Camp

This workout is broken up into four groups of exercises. Take a 60-second breather after each group. If you are at an intermediate or advanced fitness level, you might want to repeat the whole workout a second time. If any exercises are unfamiliar, a quick search on YouTube will show you how it’s done!

25 Alternating Donkey Kicks
25 Side Lunges Right Side
25 Sumo Squats with alternating leg raises
25 Left Sideways Donkey Kicks

25 Alternating Donkey Kicks
25 Side Lunges ­Left Side
25 Alternating Hydrants with leg extensions
25 Right Sideways Donkey Kicks

25 Alternating Donkey Kicks
25 Curtsy Lunges Right Side
25 Body Weight Squats
25 Toe Taps

25 Alternating Donkey Kicks
25 Curtsy Lunges ­Left side
25 Heel-lifted Squats
25 Marching Bridge

Booty Boot Camp Workout

Great job if you made it to the end in one piece! Hopefully you’re feeling the booty burn! Soon your booty will thank you, and you’ll fill out those jeans better than ever. This is a quick and simple plan to get the gorgeous glutes you always wanted. Trust me, this workout may kick your booty, but soon you and your booty will not mind a bit.

Butt Workout at Home

Baby Steps to a Better You: Day 18


Here we are, at Day 18 of the “Baby Steps to a Better You” challenge! Do you have a regular exercise routine? Maybe you’ve started one since doing the challenges! If not, think about when and where you can fit in your exercise. Just 15-20 minutes a day can be super beneficial, if you are consistent!

What kind of exercise is the most fun for you? Do you like to walk? Run? Dance? Play a sport? Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

Getting in some daily exercise will help you feel better and lift your mood, so today’s task is to make a plan. Will you wake up 30 minutes early to exercise? Will you do it after the kids are in bed? Will you head to the gym, or do my quick mom workouts?

I tend to get bogged down in planning things, to the point that sometimes I never actually get anything done! So today, “just do it.” Choose the time, place, and style of exercise you are going to do, and then get started!

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