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The Minimalist Diaper Bag

by Megan

Minimalize your life- all the way down to the diaper bag! Make your travels and everyday errands easier by toting around less stuff. Here is what you should include in your minimalist diaper bag.

Minimalize your life- all the way down to the diaper bag! Make your travels and everyday errands easier by toting around less stuff. #ad #WalmartBaby

This post is sponsored by Walmart and the Parent’s Choice brand, along with The Motherhood.

Babies are small, but they require an impressive entourage of large gear! Strollers, car seats, double-automatic breast pumps…the list goes on!

As they start to grow and become more independent, it feels so nice to lighten some of the load! To go from a big bulky stroller to a slim, lightweight version. To ditch the breast pump, nursing pillow, nursing cover, and all those other feeding necessities to just a sippy cup!

A lot of people are embracing the minimalist trend and finding joy in relishing just a few treasured possessions rather than a house full of “things.” We’ve been trying to offload a lot of our things, and it’s so invigorating! I’m downsizing everything in my life…all the way down to the diaper bag!

The Minimalist Diaper Bag

I have four kids, and my youngest is 15 months, and this is what I include in my current diaper bag. If your baby is younger, you may have a few more needs, but that’s okay! Just remember to include only what you truly need, and give your brain and back a break!

Our diaper bag includes:

Diaper rash ointment (travel sized)
Empty bottle (or sippy cup)
Food pouches

That’s it, baby!

Of course you always want the diapers and wipes for diaper changes. My little one is susceptible to diaper rash, so the ointment is essential for us. The blanket keeps baby comfortable in the car and can be used as a changing pad in a pinch. You can always get baby milk or water, and the empty bottle or cup ensures that she’ll be able to drink it! The bib keeps her clean, and the food pouches are a total lifesaver when baby is hungry.

Boom, diaper bag done. And get yourself a cute little bag because #YOLO.

We get our favorite diapers, wipes, and food pouches at Walmart because they have the best products for the lowest prices. Seriously, I’ve been diapering non-stop for almost 10 years now, and Parent’s Choice diapers are MY choice of diapers!

And recently we’ve discovered Walmart Grocery Pick-Up which has been a major timesaver for me! All I do is go online, add what I want to my shopping cart, and at the designated time, I pull up to a parking spot, and they bring it all out to my car! You can order everything you’ll need for your minimalist diaper bag. Get $10 off your first order!

Melody LOVES the Parent’s Choice food pouches, and I’m so glad she does, because they require no utensils or dishes, and they can act as a quick snack or even a full meal for baby. And best of all, she can do it herself! I just pop off the top and hand it over!

Many a meltdown has been solved by handing over a yummy food pouch! Sometimes she has one in her highchair as an “appetizer” while she watches me make dinner. And they are not all just the fruit/yogurt variety; lots of the new flavors include protein, and they have an organic line as well!

We even shared them during a baby playdate!

If you’re on your own minimalism journey, I wish you the best! It’s not an easy thing to do with kids and a household full of other people, but you can do it, and it will feel great! I’d love to know how you are minimalizing, so leave a comment or hop over to our Facebook page and let me know!

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Leila November 5, 2015 - 3:37pm

So easy to take along! Honestly, I’m counting down to the no more diaper bag days! LOL

Megan November 5, 2015 - 4:30pm

Agreed! Sometimes I just toss a couple things in my regular purse so I don’t even have a separate bag!

Camille November 13, 2015 - 8:52pm

So cute and functional!

alyssa December 7, 2015 - 10:22pm

LOVE simple and easy… not to mention light!