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Baby Foot Review

by Megan

Today’s post is all about feet. So if pictures of feet gross you out, maybe skip this one! But if you have ever struggled with dry, cracked skin on your feet, you might want to stay tuned!

A few months back, I saw a review on my friend Cailin’s site, Sassy Dove, about this product called Baby Foot. She refers to it as “famous” but I had never heard of it before! And it just so happens that I’ve been dealing with really badly cracked and dry feet for the past few years, so when I heard about a product that would make my feet smooth, my ears (toes) perked up!

Baby Foot Review- does it really work?

So I bought myself some Baby Foot and gave it a try! For the record, this post is not sponsored by the company; I bought it myself and this is an unbiased review. However, the links to the product page are affiliate links and may bring me revenue.

The deal with Baby Foot is that you dip your feet into some plastic booties coated with a gel substance, and sit with them on for one hour. You wash and soak your feet just before and after doing the treatment, and in about 5 days, all the dry skin from your feet falls off, leaving new, baby-soft skin underneath!

Does it work? Yes, it totally does. One popular Amazon review says to continue to soak your feet (just take baths!) at least once a day for the first several days after doing the booties, and that is supposed to help. So I did that, and Baby Foot did just what it said it would do!

I did my first treatment over the summer, and then I literally counted down the days until I could do it again! Even though it works, your skin can get dry again (if you don’t moisturize #coughcoughlikeme). The second time around, I made my husband do it with me! Double the Baby Foot! Baby Feet?

Baby Foot Review- does it really work?

My feet are a whole lot better-looking after doing Baby Foot. It’s an easy, mostly painless way of getting off the dead skin and getting baby-soft feet! I could keep talking about it, but my pictures should speak for themselves. Before on the left, after on the right:

Baby Foot before & after- does it really work?

My heels were really bad, and I’m considering doing another treatment soon, focused solely (see what I did there) on my heels, to try to get them up to speed with the rest of my feet!

Either way, Baby Foot will definitely be part of my beauty routine every few months! It gets my feet smooth and soft, not to mention giving me an excuse to sit on the couch and relax for an hour! And every Mom could use that!


Today’s challenge for “Baby Steps to a Better You” is (you guessed it) about your feet! Okay, actually it’s about your skin in general. Are you taking good care of it? I never worried about my skin until I was well into my 20s and started to see some signs of aging.

Some ways you can keep your skin healthy are to drink water, get exercise, get enough sleep, use sunscreen, and moisturize!

Your challenge for today is to do some combination of those things. Drink a bottle of water and put sunscreen on before you leave the house. Or lotion up after your shower and go to bed an hour earlier (removing your makeup first!).

Treat your skin well, and it’ll be good to you!

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