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Levana Alexa Video Baby Monitor

by Megan

When my first three kids were babies, I had a couple of different baby monitors that I used, to hear them once they moved down the hall into their nursery and crib. Not to make myself sound old, but wow baby monitor technology has improved over the past few years! For baby #4, we were offered the chance to review Levana’s Alexa™ 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor, and I will never go back to my old ways!


My old monitors only provided one-way sound. I could hear the baby from my room (presumably). What I usually got was a lot of static and occasionally the neighbors’ conversation or possibly a cell phone call, I’m not sure which!

With the Alexa, I can not only hear my baby (clearly), but I can see her! Not only can I see her, but I can see her in color with a beautifully clear picture!


I. Love. This.

There are lots of other awesome elements to the Alexa. Here are some of them:

  • USB charging and 12 hour battery life
  • Ultra-thin monitor that can have its angle adjusted with the kickstand
  • Temperature sensor with alerts (Yes it will tell you if the nursery is too hot or cold!)
  • Private digital signal (No more neighbor/cell phone interference!)
  • Customizable timers to keep track of baby’s nap and feeding schedules
  • Ability to connect multiple cameras

And my favorite:

  • Intercom button so you can talk or sing to your baby!

So I can hear baby, and baby can hear me (if I want). Very cool, especially if your baby is calmed by Mom’s voice.


What a sweet thing to be able to look over and see what baby is up to. Hopefully peacefully sleeping!

Uh oh! Someone’s awake!

The Alexa™ 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor can be purchased directly from the Levana website at MyLevana.com. This is definitely a must-have for new moms (or old moms still fussing with outdated monitors!) and would make an excellent gift!


Check out this video to learn more about all of the features of the Alexa:

Wishing you and baby a good night’s sleep!

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