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Last Pregnancy Bucket List

by Megan

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I am pregnant with baby number four. Also baby number “final!” I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’ve been blessed with two handsome boys and one beautiful girl, with one more little princess on the way.

Since this is my last pregnancy, I decided to make a “Pregnancy Bucket List” of the things that I think every mom-to-be should experience at least once during this unique period of life!

If you're pregnant and feeling the strain, check out this fun list of pregnancy must-dos! Definitely going to check all of these off while I prepare for our final little one!

As much of a drag pregnancy can be, it’s a very unique time! For 9 (really 10) months, you experience things that only other mothers have been through. And, love it or hate it, at the end you get the most precious reward!

So without further ado, here is my…

Pregnancy Bucket List

You can follow this bucket list no matter which pregnancy you’re on, but I will admit that this list is skewed from my perspective of this being my final pregnancy. I’ve done this three times already. I’ve read all the books, taken the classes, set up the nursery, and bought all the necessary items. Time for some (pregnancy) fun!

1. Maternity photos

Yes, if you’re like me you aren’t super interested in pictures of you while you’re gaining weight! But this is the last chance to capture the true beauty of your pregnant self. I bet you’ll be glad you did it!

2. Splurge on something

I know there’s something you’ve had your eye on every pregnancy that you never actually got. For me, it’s a rocker/ottoman set. I’ve wanted it since baby #1 and never spent the money. I think with baby #4 I finally deserve to nurse her and rock her in comfort!

rocker ottoman

What would your splurge be?

3. Find out that gender!

With this last baby I was desperate to know the gender as early as possible. Couldn’t help but want to reuse all of those darling baby girl clothes I have stored away!

Most early gender detection methods are highly unreliable or just plain silly, but it can be fun to try them and see if any were correct!

SneakPeek– DNA test
Gender Prediction Kit
The Gender Experts (They determine based on ultrasound scans and said I was having a boy! In their defense, they did say that it was a close call!)
Baby Gender Old Wives’ Tales

4. 3D/4D ultrasound

We ended up finding out our baby’s gender at week 15, by going to a private 3D/4D ultrasound provider. Our regular anatomy scan wasn’t until 18 weeks, so we were able to find out a little earlier and get a sneak peek at baby in 4D!

baby in 4D

Make sure that you do your research! Many places reserve the 3D/4D viewing for much later in your pregnancy and only do 2D to find out the gender. We used Prenatal Premiere in Gilbert, AZ, because they do both 2D and 3D/4D for gender sessions.

You can go back and get a 3D/4D scan closer to your due date, to get a good look at your baby’s features!

5. Prenatal massage

I actually got a prenatal massage for the first time with baby #3. If you’re normally a stomach sleeper, you’ll be so happy just for the chance to lay on your stomach (they have cut outs for your tummy) that you would probably pay to just lay there, massage or no massage! I’ll definitely be getting another one this time around!

6. Designer hospital gown

Might as well deliver that baby while looking fabulous, am I right? Lots of online shops offer designer delivery gowns now, which meet hospital standards. I got mine from Mod Mum and it survived the birth of baby #3 beautifully, so I’ll be wearing it again for baby #4!

mod mum delivery gown

7. Prepacked Hospital Bag

A few babies ago, I heard about the Push Pack, which is a prepacked hospital bag, filled with all the things you’ll need in the hospital after baby comes, from travel sized toiletries, to thank you cards, to snacks, and much more.

I still think it’s a really cool idea, and here is what it looks like (along with a link, if it’s a must-have for you!):

But, after some thought, I decided it would be more fun and more useful to me to go and attack the Target travel toiletries aisle and put together my own “prepacked” hospital bag! That will be a whole blog post on its own, and I’ll come back and update this one with a link when that’s ready.

If you’re putting together your own pack, you’ll obviously need a super cute bag to put it all in! Here are three from Amazon that I’m kind of in love with:

8. Create the perfect nursery

With my first baby, I decided on an under the sea theme. And then I used it for the next two babies! It’s cute and sweet and I’m ready to move on! Plus, new baby girl will share a room with big sister, so obviously it was time to put together a princess room!

I found some adorable matching sheets and comforters at Target, Pillowfort brand. They have matching decor, too! I got the pink pleated comforter and the metallic hearts sheets set, in both twin and crib sizes!

pillowfort pink beddingpillowfort metallic heart sheets

So much fun shopping for baby and kids rooms! Find a piece or theme you love and then have fun decorating the rest of the room around it!

9. Exercise

I know, this one isn’t as much fun as the others. But maybe this can be the pregnancy that you stay in shape! I have to admit I haven’t done much exercising this time around, but there are lots of ways to stay active while pregnant. Here is one great resource of online pregnancy exercise videos.

10. Treat Yo Self

I know, I already said to splurge on something, but that was something for le bebe. Now it’s time to splurge on something for YOU! It doesn’t even have to cost money. Maybe you send the husband and kids out and lay around on the couch all day.

People will never be as nice to you as they are when you are clearly expecting, and with all the hard work your body is doing, you deserve it! Make sure you are nice to yourself too and do what it takes to make this 9 months a little easier on yourself!

Have a happy pregnancy and an even happier newborn baby!

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