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New Baby Supplies Checklist

by Megan

I love a good checklist, and if there’s anyone who needs one, it’s a mama-to-be! After having three little ones (and now expecting my fourth), I’ve learned a thing or two about what you need (and what you don’t need) for baby. So today I’m sharing a checklist for baby needs, so moms-to-be know exactly what the essentials are for their brand-new baby!

Find out exactly what you need for a new baby on this New Baby Supplies Checklist. I'm sharing the top items that I've used with three (soon to be four) babies, along with a printable checklist for baby needs

You will almost definitely buy more than what is on my list, and I’m sure my list could be twice as long. But when it comes down to it, these are the baby gear items that I consider to be absolute necessities (plus clothing- I figured you’d know about that one!).

Here is the list:

New Baby Supplies Checklist

  1. Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers
    Aw, it’s been so long since I had to buy such tiny diapers! I love that the Little Snugglers have the wetness indicator, so you know when baby needs to be changed. It’s also a way to know that your little one is getting enough milk.The GentleAbsorb* Liner in sizes N-2 has soft pillows that add a layer of protection for baby’s skin, and a pocketed-back waistband helps keep the mess on the inside!

    All around, these are soft, comfortable diapers that get the job done!

    Huggies Diapers and Wipes

  2. Huggies Natural Care Wipes
    I like Huggies Natural Care Wipes, because they are high-quality and cost-effective. The TripleClean Layers are thick enough for messes but soft against baby’s skin. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol free, and include a touch of aloe and Vitamin E. Combine them with the Huggies Little Snugglers to make sure your little one is as comfortable as can be!Essentials Ready for Baby
  3. Bottles and formula OR breast pads and nipple cream
    Baby’s gotta eat! If you are bottle feeding, you’ll need to stock up on bottles and formula, and if you are nursing, disposable breast pads are essential, and nipple cream will help soothe sore nipples in between feedings.
  4. Nursing pillow
    Even if you don’t plan to nurse, a nursing pillow can be really useful for holding baby while feeding. If you are nursing, they are lifesavers!
  5. Special blanket
    You’ll definitely want blankets for swaddling and snuggling with your baby. I bought each of my little ones an extra special blanket just for them, but then we also had at least half a dozen extras. A package of thin receiving blankets are good to have on hand and in the diaper bag, in case you end up somewhere chilly. A thicker blanket is great to have, to put baby on the floor for tummy and play time!
  6. Binkies
    Not every one uses binkies, but I couldn’t have survived without them! They are helpful for calming baby down and helping him sleep (baby’s gotta suck!).Baby needs binkies
  7. Burp cloths
    I like to buy the packages of plain white cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. I stick them everywhere so they are always on hand when baby spits up (which is a lot)!
  8. Diaper bag
    You’ll need one to carry everything you need while on the go. Stock it with diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and bottles and formula or a nursing cover.
  9. Bouncer chair
    A bouncer chair that you can easily move room to room will be invaluable so that you can get some things done with baby right by your side. He will likely be content to watch you until he bounces himself to sleep!
  10. Crib, Crib mattress, and Fitted sheet
    You can also use a bassinet for the first few months, to keep baby close by your side at night time. But eventually you’ll probably be moving baby to her own room!Baby essentials crib
  11. Car seat
    They won’t let you leave the hospital without this one! The hospital staff can even help to make sure you’ve installed the base correctly in your car, or help you to buckle in the seat itself for a safe ride home.
  12. Stroller
    If you’ll be out and about at all, you’ll definitely want some wheels! You’ll want to start with one that allows you to clip on the car seat, so you don’t have to wake baby to transfer him.

Here is the list on a graphic that you can pin or print out, so you have an easy reference when it’s time to go shopping or create your registry:

Find out exactly what you need for a new baby on this New Baby Supplies Checklist. I'm sharing the top items that I've used with three (soon to be four) babies, along with a printable checklist for baby needs

No matter what, the thing your baby needs the most is you! Be prepared with the essentials and a lot of love (not that you’ll be able to help it)!

Stop by at Sam’s Club to pick up both Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Wipes.

Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam's Club

What would you include on your checklist for baby needs?

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