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It’s About Shaping Up

by Megan

Last month, when we were on our California trip with the show choirs, I was chatting with a student and her mom about how last summer I trained for and ran a half marathon. The student asked, “Do you run a lot?”

I was at a loss for words. That doesn’t happen very often. I wasn’t sure how to answer the question. I mean, I ran a lot to train for it. I’ve run other races and trained off and on. But I don’t run religiously. I’m not even a good runner.

back of the pack

Luckily, my husband sometimes knows me better than I know myself. He responded:

“Megan is a ‘check-the-box’ kind of person. She likes to make goals and achieve them and check them off the list.”

So. True.

This weekend I got the opportunity to attend Bloggy Boot Camp in Phoenix, put on by The SITS Girls.

Bloggy Bootcamp

I will write more in another post about all the things I learned and took away from the conference (spoiler alert- it’s a lot!), but one thing that got me thinking was this:

“Be great at (at least) one thing.”
Kim Byers

At first that distressed me a little bit! I like fashion and writing about outfits, but I am FAR from being a fashion blogger. I like fitness and writing about fitness, but I’m not always the best example. I write about my family, but those topics run the gamut.

Then it hit me. I already have a theme for my blog that ties all of these things together. HELLO, it’s in my name! I’m shaping up.

I am a huge “bucket lister” (or “check-the-box kind of person”). I’m a huge advocate of making goals, working toward those goals, and eventually achieving your dreams, whatever they may be.

And that is why I can write about running, fashion, parenting, traveling, home decor, faith, and tap dancing.

My theme was already there. And now that it’s so clear in my mind, expect better things. I’m going to write better posts, choose better sponsored opportunities that jive with my content, work toward achieving my goals, and cheer you on as you work on yours.

“I’m just trying to be a better person. My name is [Megan].”
Name that quote!

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Katie April 14, 2013 - 6:41am

I love this! I’ve read through a few of your past posts and I can totally see the theme. It’s perfect. I feel like I need to take a leaf out of your book where making goals is concerned! I feel inspired :)

April @ 100lb Countdown April 26, 2013 - 8:48pm

I agree! I couldn’t get into blogging about one thing. I like to share on all accounts, because my life is filled with so many different things! I have a goal list from my years goals (instead of resolutions) and I’m checking them off as I go along!

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DaLynn McCoy January 25, 2014 - 11:30am

I love it! It’s great! I love your candid style. :) Maybe a good, concise description would include something about personal growth? I think you are right, that your “shaping up” theme is exactly what you’re about. In fitness, that is taken more literally. In family, it’s about learning life’s lessons and growing from them. In your fashion and beauty section, you probably showcase differing tastes over time — it’s about your looks and your thoughts on what looks good, and it will change as you grow on your journey. Your goals are the “how” for your growth.

It’s about your personal growth as a woman, wife, mother, and lover of beautiful things. :)

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