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Reduce your ecological footprint with Woolzies

by Megan

Thanks to Woolzies for providing me with a box of their dryer balls to facilitate this post. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own!

I’ve never been overly concerned with the effect I am having on the environment. I should probably be ashamed by that. A few years back I decided to try to make a few changes. After all, one of my bucket list items is to “reduce my ecological footprint!”

One thing that I have done is to start using CFL lightbulbs. At first I didn’t want to pay so much for them, but when my regular lightbulbs were constantly burning out and needing to be replaced, I took the plunge. Turns out being eco-conscious has its benefits. The CFLs last so much longer than the regular bulbs that they end up costing LESS!

Pinterest is a great place to find some more ideas for being “greener” around the household and spending less money at the same time. I pinned this suggestion for a stain remover that you can make from items you probably already own.

Saving the environment is awesome. Saving Megan money is even awesomer. So when the two things can be combined, I hear singing angels in my head.

If you’ve been around blogland in the past few months, you’ve probably run across these:

They are becoming a little bit of a sensation and for a good reason! Here are the things I like about Woolzies Dryer Balls:

1. “Woolzies” is way more fun to say than “dryer sheet.”
2. They are 100% natural, handmade, healthy, and eco-friendly (hello, bucket list)!
3. They reduce static and wrinkles and soften your laundry.
4. They cut down on drying time, saving energy and money (hello, Megan’s priorities)!
5. You can throw them at your kids. But sometimes they throw them back.

Bottom line: Woolzies do everything that a normal dryer sheet would do, but they are way better for the environment and for your family.

But since I’m selfish and I care more about my finances than my Earth, let’s take a look at the cost.

The generic brand of dryer sheets I was buying cost $2.42 for a box of 80 sheets. That comes out to $0.03 per load. A box of 6 Woolzies, which are guaranteed to last for 1,000 loads, costs $34.95. That comes out to…. $0.03 per load!

So for the same cost, but a much healthier, greener option, Woolzies wins! And if the dryer sheets you buy cost any more than mine, Woolzies EXTRA wins!

Would you like to win a box of Woolzies for yourself! Then it might be your lucky day, because Woolzies is giving away a box to one of my shaper-uppers! Enter below to win, and good luck!


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Amy Bateman April 15, 2013 - 3:29pm

I’ve even made my own dryer balls from wool yarn. They’re easy and you can make them colorful and fun. They tend to get tossed around at our house, too. :)

CarterFamilyof9 April 15, 2013 - 4:59pm

I think that is a GREAT goal! We set a goal to be “greener” a few years back. It required residing our home, new windows, new “corn based” carpeting from Mohawk, and installing a more efficient furnace, water saving toilets, an eco washer and line drying our clothes on nicer days (and softening them a tad in the dryer for a few moments before folding). Last year, we won an award from our local utility company for lowering our electric/gas bill dramatically. Our house is 113 years old and despite having 8 children- our home is the “greenest” in our neighborhood. A lot people think its just not possible to get any greener, and I honestly think there us ALWAYS a way! Baby steps :)

Brandy Saldana April 17, 2013 - 1:08am

Wow! Good for you on trying to reduce your carbon footprint. That was actually my resolution for New Year’s and I am thinking twice when throwing things away especially if something has another potential use, and also being better about my shopping habits (buying something new every week is not sustainable and no good for my wallet.)

It is refreshing to see other bloggers wanting to make a difference and using their voice to promote it.

Looking forward to future posts by you!


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