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Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

by Megan

If you’re looking to have the ultimate cozy Christmas, you’re in the right place! I made a free printable Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar that will have you enjoying the spirit of the season all month long!

Hygge Christmas ideas

If you’re new to hygge, let me explain…

To put it briefly, hygge is the Danish art of coziness. Sounds pretty great already, right? But it’s more than just being comfortable. In addition to incorporating fluffy blankets and candlelight, hygge includes other important elements such as nature, spending time with close friends and family, baking, reading and crafting instead of screen time.

Rather than throwing a lavish party or going out to a fancy restaurant, hygge would have you staying in, wearing pjs, and watching a movie from the couch with your loved ones, preferably with the fireplace roaring.

Let’s talk about how to pronounce this word, before we go further. The simplest way to explain it is to say “HOO-guh.” BUT, to avoid sounding American as all get out, try adding the tiniest “ee” sound before the “oo” and barely pronounce the “guh.”

Got it? Good!

Free Printable Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar

Our Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar includes 24 ideas for incorporating the hygge lifestyle on the days leading up to Christmas. The activities include simple tasks as well as more involved activities. If you miss a day or want to skip an activity, no worries! It wouldn’t be very “hygge” to stress about something like that!

Just click the image below to get to the full-size free printable, download or print, and enjoy!

Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable
Click image for free full-size printable!

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If you just want the list, here you go:

  1. Tidy up your living room
  2. Take a relaxing bath
  3. Minimize your Christmas gifting list
  4. Have a candlelit dinner at home
  5. Put soft blankets on your couch
  6. Read a favorite book
  7. Invite some friends over
  8. Go for a walk in nature
  9. Make a slow cooker meal
  10. Family game night
  11. Play some soft jazz music
  12. Drink some hot cider
  13. Craft with real greenery or pinecones
  14. Order dinner delivery
  15. Popcorn and a movie
  16. Put together a potpourri mix
  17. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  18. Cuddle with your loved ones
  19. Make a warm soup for dinner
  20. Have a long conversation
  21. Drink some hot chocolate
  22. Sit by the fireplace or make a firepit
  23. Make a mug cake
  24. Sit and enjoy the tree lights
child sleeping by a christmas tree
Vanessa looking so very cozy and sleeping by tree lights!

The Christmas season can be a time of stress, busyness, and spending too much money. Aim for a quieter, simpler, and, you guessed it, cozier Christmas this year!

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Free Printable Hygge Christmas Advent Calendar
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