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Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2019

by Megan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and by that of course I mean it’s time for stocking stuffers at The Container Store! Read on to discover my picks for 2019, order your favorites, and then try to contain yourself until Christmas morning!

*This post contains (hehe, get it?) affiliate links. These are the jokes, folks.

It’s no secret that one of my favorite places is The Container Store. For an organizing nut like me, it’s heaven. But let it be known that they do not just sell empty boxes, oh no! Each year they put out a delightful selection of stocking stuffers and small gifts, and right now you can buy 4 and get the 5th free!

hanging Christmas stockings

These gifts would be perfect for friends, relatives, gift exchanges, or me. Yes, if you want to buy me a gift, these are some good choices. Also, feel free to treat yourself!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas from The Container Store

On to the (awesome) stocking stuffers and small gifts (because not all of these will fit into a stocking, Kris Kringle)! Here are 15 things that I love, and I think you’ll love them too!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

1. Activity Roll

activity roll

I love this activity roll for my 8-year-old daughter who can’t get enough of her arts and crafts! 6 feet of cute images to color and activities to complete. It’ll keep them entertained all Christmas Day! Choose between unicorns or dinosaurs!

2. Chunkies Paint Sticks

paint sticks

While we’re on the topic of arts and crafts, these Chunkies Paint Sticks are perfect for the young artist!

3. On-the-Go Funny Faces Magnetic Play Set

funny faces magnetic toy

I’m definitely picking this up for my little ones because we are a traveling family, and I know they’ll love making funny faces in the car!

4. Color Changing Moon Lamp

moon lamp

Too pretty to not include- this Color Changing Moon Lamp is a perfect nightlight for the kids’ room or bathroom!

5. Kazoo That Tune Game

kazoo game

I have to be honest- this pick is more for me than the kids. I would have so much fun with this Kazoo That Tune Game, and I think the kids would too!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

6. Burgandy & Blush minimergency Kits

mini emergency kit

I’ve been a fan of these minimergency Kits for a long time, but these new colors are just so pretty!

7. Stackers Blush Travel Jewelry Case

travel jewelry kit

As a constant traveler, I’m in love with this travel jewelry case and want it for myself!

8. Oh K! Hydrogel Gold Dust Sheet Face Mask

gold dust face mask

There’s nothing like a relaxing face mask at the end of the day, so get this for any lucky ladies on your list!

9. Umbra Ring Holders

ring holder animals

These little animals hold your rings and will look adorable and fun on her dresser!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Home

10. Llama Nightlight

llama nightlight

Yep, another nightlight made the list, but come on, how cute is this llama? You need a little llama in your life.

11. Floating Bathlight

floating bath light

Yeah, it’s another light. But I love taking baths, and with this Floating Bathlight I could leave the harsh overhead lights off.

12. Sombrero Taco Holders

sombrero taco holders

It’s no fun when your taco falls over! Keep it upright and on-theme with these Sombrero Taco Holders!

Useful Stocking Stuffer Ideas

13. Handy Hammer Tool

handy hammer tool

I bought this combo hammer/screwdriver a few years back and it’s SO helpful to have around the house. I actually keep it in my pencil jar on my desk, and it’s easy to grab and use whenever I need it.

14. Silicone Straws with Case

portable reusable straws

I love straws but I also love sea turtles, so these reusable, portable Silicone Straws are perfect!

15. ThumbScraper Tool

thumb scraper tool

You won’t think of needing one of these ThumbScraper Tools until you really need it, so just buy it and have it on hand the next time a sticker just won’t come off!

Well, if you couldn’t find what you need in this post, then I can’t help you. You must be shopping for one of those “difficult” people. In that case, maybe get them some chocolate and some gift cards so they can buy their own dang presents!

For the rest of you, head to The Container Store and check off your list! I’d love to know your favorites and what you bought, so drop a comment and let me know!

stocking stuffer ideas
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