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Christmas Lights Bingo Game Printable

by Megan

The holidays are upon us! Although the entire season is usually filled with holiday parties, concerts and various other activities, nothing is more important than making some special time to spend with your family.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is driving around and looking at Christmas lights. We usually grab some hot cocoa, pile into the SUV, and hit the neighborhoods. We live in Arizona, so we usually drive with the windows down so we actually feel a bit chilly, and we can pretend it might snow (#itwontweliveinphoenix).

This year,  I thought I’d make our Christmas lights trip a bit more interesting with a Christmas Lights Bingo Board.

Christmas Lights Bingo Board- a fun new way to experience Christmas lights with your family!

Christmas Lights Bingo Board

You can play like a traditional BINGO game, and maybe offer a prize for the first BINGO, or see who can find everything on the board first, or just find everything on the boards together. Use a crayon or even Christmas stickers to mark the board. You could even laminate them to use over and over again!

The kids were so excited to try out the new game! We started out our night with our traditional hot chocolate, this time from Dutch Brothers…because I love a drive thru. After we were warmed up (it was soooo chilly at 65 degrees #sensethesarcasm), we hit the road!

drive thru hot chocolate

The girls had so much fun finding the decorations! We were amazed at all the different kinds of inflatables (my 6-year-old enjoys the one with Santa in the outhouse, but we didn’t find that one…next time!). They also loved the star shower ones with the laser lights. They can’t wait to go out and look again! I love that it’s an easy activity- you can even make it a surprise.

Christmas lights bingo
festive Christmas lights
Christmas lights bingo

Print outs here!

Print these babies out (there are four different boards), and have fun finding the items! It’s definitely a blast, and so fun looking at all the festive displays. Don’t forget to crank up the Christmas music!

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