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Shaping Up Your Blog

by Megan

I’m happy to announce that I finally did something with the URL I bought, and shapingupyourblog.com is finally live! And look, Ma, two posts!

I really love blogging (#duh), but I also love sharing my blogging knowledge with others. I get questions from other bloggers every day, because they know that I’m the nerd that stays up all night reading about all things blog-related. I can’t get enough.

So I started my new site because I like to share my knowledge and the tips I discover, and it’s fun for me! So I hope, if it interests you, that you would consider subscribing for email updates (see the widget in the sidebar), and maybe even give my Shaping Up Your Blog Facebook page a “like!”

Today I just so happen to be sharing something really fantastic on Shaping Up Your Blog. I’ll share a little bit here, and then you can click over to read the full post.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar. I found out about Edgar through a blogging friend, and I immediately visited the site for more information. To get right to the point, Edgar is a social media scheduling tool with one vital functionality that other schedulers lack.

He saves your content.

I know, #mindblown. I have long since embraced the joy of auto-posting to social media, as I just don’t have time to do it all manually. I do actually have a family to pay attention to, a part-time job outside of blogging, a few hobbies, and that dang laundry won’t learn to do itself (Edgar, could you help me with THAT??).

So I use a plugin that auto-shares my blog posts to my social media networks at the time of publication, but I have had a hard time getting into a routine of regularly sharing anything other than my latest posts and the occasional Instagram photo on my networks. Part of the reason I have a hard time wanting to spend much time on social media updates is because they are never ending! You have to continually schedule updates to keep content going out to your followers. Until now.

Meet Edgar: a Social Media Scheduler that recycles your updates!

Edgar is ingenious. He saves and recycles your status updates so that you only have to schedule them one time ever. And on top of that, the app is super user-friendly and a joy to use. It does take some time to set up, initially, especially if you have lots of content already, but it’s worth it.

To see Edgar in action, click on over to my post on Shaping Up Your Blog, and see how awesome this little octopus really is!

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