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Apps for Blogging On The Road

by Megan

The day we’ve been anxiously awaiting for well over a year and a half is finally here! While you read this, we are in the car driving to Maine! I plan on doing some mobile blogging while we travel, so today I thought I’d share some tools to make blogging on-the-go a little easier!

I am going to be away from home for almost all of the month of July. We actually left yesterday morning (June 30th), and we plan on getting home on or around July 23rd. We are driving cross country from Arizona to Maine, spending two weeks in Maine, and then driving home. I wanted to keep my blog active while being away, though, so I’ve scheduled some guest posts, some of my own posts, and I hope to be doing some blogging from the road!

When blogging on-the-go, you essentially need to be able to do three things: take and edit photos, upload the photos to your blog, and write and publish your post. Here are the tools I use to do those three things:

Taking and editing photos:  Camera +


The Camera Plus photography app has probably the best selection of editing options for mobile photos. Without an internet connection for your computer, you’ll need a great photo editor you can use on your phone. You can use it to edit photos you’ve already taken with your default phone camera, or you can just use the app as your primary camera. Bonus- it has a self timer option!


Once you’ve taken your photos and edited them to your liking, then it’s time to upload them to your site!

Uploading photos:  BlogPhotoUp- Photo Uploader for WordPress


The BlogPhotoUp app allows you to upload photos from your phone, directly into your WordPress media library. This can be a lifesaver! You can quickly upload photos that don’t need editing, or take a moment to edit them with Camera + and then upload them.

The BlogPhotoUp app is clean and simple, with only the essential options. You can set the size at which you want your photos to be uploaded, and you can rename your photos before uploading.


So use the Camera + app to take your photos and edit them, and then use the BlogPhotoUp app to upload them into WordPress. Then you need to be able to write your blog posts!

Writing and publishing blog posts: WordPress via Chrome app

Now that I have taken photos, edited them, and uploaded them to WordPress, it’s time to write and publish my post! And that also means it’s time to move from my iPhone to my iPad. Yes you can write and publish blog posts on a phone, but if you have a larger tablet, your eyes and fingers and patience will thank you for using it!


I tried out a few different apps for WordPress, and came to the ultimate conclusion that the best way to write and publish my posts on the go is by just using the regular WordPress website in a browser app (Chrome is my favorite). There was no app that did everything I wanted to be able to do, and honestly I got frustrated trying to make it all work.

So I would use Chrome on my iPad mini to access my WordPress dashboard, and then I would write my posts in there. When it comes time to insert photos, they should already be in my media library, from using the BlogPhotoUp app! Hit publish, and then you’re ready to go do some more sightseeing!

Ultimately, I enjoy blogging on my laptop, from the comfort of my own home. But if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time and would like to blog while you’re away, especially about the things you are doing, then these are the apps I think you will find very useful!

Did I miss any? What are your favorite blogging apps?

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Stephanie July 1, 2014 - 2:10pm

Im so glad that I saw this post, we leave for vacation next week and even though I wanted to have posts scheduled out during my vacation I never got enough written so these apps will save the day!