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Bisbee 1000

by Megan

Yesterday I ran the Bisbee 1000 stair climb race! It was the first race I’ve ever done, and it was a lot of fun. I was just thinking about it the other week since I’ve been going down to Bisbee to choreograph a musical there, and last week when Daniel and I were on a date in Tucson, we saw a flyer for it. It just happened to be that coming weekend, so I registered online and showed up yesterday morning. I got my number, 1113, and a timing chip, and I bought a t-shirt (which I was glad they had, because I registered too late to get one automatically). I got there pretty early, so I had some time to kill, but I hung out on the grass texting Daniel and listening to people talk who were more knowledgeable about the race.

There were 9 sets of staircases, all outside, and the race was about 4.5 miles long, winding all around Old Bisbee. A lot of it was downhill, once you got up the staircases, but there was a long section near the end that was uphill, and that was killer because I was getting pretty tired by then. Those last few staircases were pretty hard!

They started off the hard core competitors right at 9am (those who planned to finish between 30-50 minutes), and anyone who wanted to run started at 9:05am. Walkers started at 9:30. I went with the 9:05 group, and I did manage to run a lot of the course. I ran to the first three staircases, but had to actually stop and wait at each one because of bottlenecks, and then I had to just walk up the stairs because that’s what everyone was doing in front of me. The fifth staircase was hard because it came almost immediately after the fourth and was the second longest in the course. I did a little walking in the middle, but mostly ran, and I passed more people than passed me, so that felt good. I didn’t have any kind of time goal- just to finish, since it was my first race. But I knew I wouldn’t take two hours! It was harder near the end, as I said; the steps became tougher to climb, and the uphill at the end was difficult. There was so much space between the 8th and 9th staircases, which I guess was good because it gave me some time to “rest” (aka- not climb stairs), but after the 9th one was finally over, it was just a fun easy run to the finish line. There was a group of luchadore-masked teens(?) who finished right before I did, and I could hear them cheering as they crossed, so I knew the finish line was around the next corner.

Daniel stayed home with Carter, so I was there all by myself, but it was really fun. I listened to music the whole race, then walked around the marketplace, drove to get some lunch, and then stayed for the awards ceremony. They threw a lot of freebies to the crowd, and I caught a rubber bracelet with the race’s name on it.

It was definitely a fun day, and I do have shin splints today, but that’s about it. My time was 1:24:57, and I came in 999th out of about 2000 people. So…top half! Like I said, I wasn’t shooting for a time goal, but maybe I will next time, or next race! I know I could have pushed myself harder, but I also don’t feel like I ever took it too easy. I will say, however, that the top female finisher, with a time of around 35-40 minutes or so, was 48 years old! So that was humbling… But I do not consider myself a competitive runner!

Next up, a marathon! I’m going to start training, but I have to pick a marathon first because I have to time the training right. But everything is on a Sunday! The Tucson marathon looked great because it’s almost all down hill! But still, on a Sunday. Maybe we’ll just have to take a trip up to Utah and make it a family event.

So in short, I ran a race. Yay!

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Vanessa October 21, 2009 - 12:39pm

Great job! I totally want to join you next year, this sounds like a blast, if you can consider climbing staircase after staircase a blast.

Kadi October 21, 2009 - 9:32pm

Sounds like fun! Congrats on finishing your first race! We’ll have to do one together sometime!

Lonnie McDowell October 29, 2009 - 4:23am

“it was just a fun easy run to the finish line.”

No Such Thing.