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"Yes but, Ben Franklin was."

by Megan

I love that my husband and I are so in tune with each other that I can be on the computer and he can be on the phone, and we can make eye contact, give a slight nod, and both of us know exactly what the other means by it.

Before your imagination runs away with you, this was about someone obviously giving him a phone number over the phone, and him saying, “Hey babe, will you remember this for me?” and me replying with, “Already memorizing it for you.” Without words of course. Just eye contact and a slight, simultaneous nod. That kind of connection cannot be achieved except through time and a personal understanding of each other. Feels good.

And I’d like to leave you with a quote from Beans:

“I hate even the thought of laser tag! Who would want to get hit with a paintball?”

And a life lesson from Marvita:

#16: Watch out for your friends

“You up! Ain’t nobody asleep but chu. Wrap it up!”

It’s late. And by late I mean 8:49pm.

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