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Give Your Man What He Really Wants For Christmas

by Megan

This shop, featuring K-Y® Liquibeads personal lubricant, has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TheMoodStrikes #CollectiveBias

Are you wondering what to get your husband for Christmas? Is he notoriously difficult to shop for? Well get prepared, because I’m about to speak on behalf of all men. He wants you.

I mean hey, if he’s been drooling over the latest gadget, or if he has an affinity for aged cheese, do not deny the man his desires! But my best guess is that his main desires include you!

What He Really Wants For Christmas #TheMoodStrikes #Ad

At the beginning of this year, I shared my goals for 2014, and number one on the list was improving my marriage. It’s way too easy to end up putting everything else first and then not having any time or energy left for the person who should be the most important in your life! I’m definitely guilty of that.

But you know what I’ve found? It doesn’t take much. A little bit of time and attention at the end of the day goes really far.

Us in 2004

I wouldn’t say marriage is easy. I mean, you go from only having to only worry about yourself, to having to take into account another person’s opinions and feelings about everything. Add kids and things can get complicated. As a whole, marriage can be challenging. But it only takes simple, easy tasks to make sure that your relationship with your spouse continues to thrive.

Us in 2014

Like I said, spending time together is essential. If I’m willing to spend three hours a night working on my blog and can’t give my husband 30 minutes, then my priorities are messed up. Likewise, Daniel likes to watch TV and relax when he gets home from work, but when he takes the time to chat with me first and give the kids some attention, I’m much happier.


Little, easy things keep the love flowing. Often when I go out, I come home to a clean kitchen and living room. Ahh, those days are the best days! And sometimes I bring food to Daniel’s school, knowing that he regularly skips breakfast and lunch.

We try to go on dates a couple times a month, but it’s not always easy with little ones at home. At best, the date cost doubles when you have to pay a babysitter! So sometimes a date night at home is just what you need!


Date night at home could mean pajamas, popcorn, and Netflix, or it could be more of the “bubble bath and candles” variety. Both are great! Need more ideas? Check out my date night calendar I posted earlier this year.

Have you ever tried out a K-Y® product? You can find them in the “Family Planning” aisle at Walmart.


If you haven’t, then find the bravery to stroll down that aisle and grab something for your husband’s Christmas stocking. Trust me, he’ll be overjoyed!

The K-Y® Liquibeads were something I had never heard of before. They are a personal lubricant that gives you the freedom to be spontaneous. If you’re a busy mom like me, you may find it difficult to relax instantly and enjoy yourself when you actually do score some alone time with your husband.

The product comes with 6 beads and 6 applicators, and it’s really easy to use:

  • Put a bead into the top of the applicator.
  • Insert it just like you would a tampon.
  • Let it work its magic!
  • Insert a bead once every few days, and you’ll be ready whenever the mood may strike!

I’ve had three kids over the past 6 years, and my body has gone through some pretty major changes. But my husband has assured and shown me that he is attracted to me, no matter what! I bet your husband is the same. He wants you, imperfections and all!

If you’re convinced that you should give K-Y® a try, here is a coupon for $1 off any K-Y® product! If you are pregnant or nursing you should consult a doctor before using the K-Y® Liquibeads.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give your husband the gift of you this holiday season! I promise it will improve your relationship and come back to you, tenfold! And your husband? He’ll have never been merrier!

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