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by Megan

Wow, that happened fast! We looked at three houses, and Thursday night we made an offer on one of them.

The first one we looked at (see a few posts down), ended up being sold this past week, so that one is gone. The second one we looked at was brand new and a little out of our price range and not exactly what we wanted anyway. The third one was perfect!

It’s a foreclosure, so the price is low, and it’s an absolute steal. The house is about 1500 square feet, has three bedrooms, plus an extra room which could be a den or a fourth bedroom. There is a large living room, with a fireplace, a pretty kitchen, a master bathroom and another bathroom, a laundry closet (not really a room), ceiling fans in the master bedroom and living room, a shed that is as big as the bedrooms and wired for electricity, and lots of land all around the house.

It’s not new, but it’s in really good shape (as far as we can see for now- we still have an inspection to do), and it’s just perfect for us. It’s plenty big enough for us to raise our family in, it’s off the main road, it’s 8/10ths of a mile from Daniel’s classroom, and I’m completely confident that we can double the value of the house by making improvements and by the housing market getting better.

The asking price is 119,900, and we started by offering 95,000. We never thought we’d be able to get a regular (non-manufactured) home for that cheap, nevermind one in good condition with lots of room. Who knows if they will accept our offer (we should hear on Monday), but we’re just trying to get the best deal we can. Truthfully, we’d be willing to pay the full asking price.

So the plan is to close on the house at the end of May, unless they want to do it earlier, and then we probably won’t move in until after the summer. We want to do some improvements (brand new carpeting and new paint, etc.) before we move in any of our stuff, and we’re not in any rush to get out of our current residence, since no one is moving in here.

I know I’m going to want to get right in there, but it’s better to take our time and make the improvements we want to make. That way we’ll have more money to buy and do more as we go along, and it will be something really exciting to look forward to after the summer. The previous owners took all their appliances, so we need to buy a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and washer and dryer.

I also want a new bed, maybe some new living room furniture, and various other things. I’m going to get a vanity, because I’ve always wanted one, and there’s a good place in the bedroom for it. The master bathroom is a little small, so it will be good to have anyway.

Daniel is looking forward to doing some landscaping and having a really nice yard. There is a good possibility to put in a patio and maybe have a grill and some outdoor furniture. There are a lot of trees on the property, including an apple tree, and there is already a place in the front of the house for a garden, which I intend to work on!

So the house is great to begin with, and we have ideas of how to make it even better. It’s too bad that the market is so bad right now, but it’s such a good opportunity for us! We’d never be able to get something this great for this cheap otherwise, and like I said, I’m convinced we can increase the resale price, if not double it, by the time we decide to sell.

Enjoy the pics, and I’ll keep you updated on the sale!

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Anonymous March 30, 2009 - 6:42pm

That is very exciting about the house! If the deal goes through I want to see more pics! -Vanessa

Kadi April 2, 2009 - 5:09pm

How exciting! I want in on the decorating! BTW, love the new blog design!

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