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Welcome Petite Readers!

by Megan

Okay, I actually welcome readers of all sizes, but today I suspect I may have a few new guests to my blog coming over from La Vie Petite, one of my favorite fashion blogs! Cori is hosting a giveaway for me today, so if you don’t already follow her blog, then you should! She has amazing style and you could win free Cents of Style jewelry!

Since some of you reading this don’t know me yet, I thought I’d give you a quick and easy tour of who I am and what I write about on this blog (because, you know, it’s not super obvious from my header…).

1. Fitness and Nutrition

I started this blog back in 2008 when I was getting ready to have my first baby, and I wanted to blog about getting back into shape. Now that I have two body-wreckers *ahem* babies, that is still a major focus of my blog! Right now I am about to begin a diet and exercise plan based on the principles in this book:

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2. Fashion

Not too long ago (a yearish?) my sister showed me Elaine’s blog, and ever since then I’ve become interested in fashion. This goes along with the whole fitness and nutrition thing, because right now I don’t feel like I can dress exactly how I want until I get back into shape. But I’m taking on fashion challenges anyway and starting to learn what works for me. I also signed up to be a stylist for Cents of Style, which I love because it keeps me on top of the fashion trends, while I get great deals on accessories and make a little money on the side. And so can you!

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3. Family

“But I help them love each other, father, mother, sister, brother, cheek to cheek!”

So far our family is me, my husband Daniel, my son Carter (3), and my daughter Vanessa (9 months).


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4. Theatre

I’m a theatre person by profession. I earned my degree and teaching certificate, but now I am primarily a SAHM. I still work, often, as a freelance director and choreographer for musical theatre and show choirs. It keeps me busy and creatively stimulated! We are always rehearsing for something!

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5. Interior Decorating

I am no professional decorator, but I love it. We bought our first home in 2009, and I have painted almost every square inch and decorated each room in my style. The posts below show before and after photos. Here’s one example:


That’s an old photo; we now have a headboard and artwork above it!

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Well, I think that’s the bulk of it! Was that quick and/or easy? I hope so! I hope you see something you like that makes you want to stick around! You might also check out my 30 before 30 page and help me accomplish some cool things before I get old. Because once my age begins with a 3, well it’s kind of all downhill from there, isn’t it?! Just kidding, you old people, 30+ year olds!

Thanks for stopping by. That’s me. Who are you?

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