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Weight Loss Routine for Night Owls

by Megan

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“Early to bed, early to rise…”

“The early bird gets the worm…”

Why do the early risers get all the credit? All my fellow night owls, holla back now!

Nighttime Weight Loss Routine #SamsClubMag #CollectiveBias #ad

If you’re anything like me, you cherish the hours after the kids’ bedtime and before your own. I have three little ones, but at 8pm the house falls quiet and I get to relax (a.k.a do all the things!).

Truth be told, I know there is merit in rising early, and I have been trying to get up earlier more often, but some nights I can’t help but take advantage of the long night hours (and yes sometimes that involves binge watching The Bachelor).

Today I thought I’d share some tips for those of us night owls who are also looking to lose weight. If you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of bed for an early morning workout, then you’ll appreciate these ideas for working in your workout, at night!

I shopped at Sam’s Club for some of the items I’ll be mentioning in my tips. What a great place to go for your health and fitness needs! My local store includes a pharmacy, with aisles of healthy choices like protein bars, vitamins, and supplements. And throughout the store there are lots of great food choices, and even things like workout wear and exercise equipment…even gym memberships!

Health and Fitness Finds at Sam's Club

Also, Sam’s Club produces the Healthy Living Made Simple online magazine, which is chock-full of articles on fitness, health, nutrition, and more! You can get lost in those pages, so bookmark it for later!

Healthy Living Made Simple online magazine

Weight Loss Routine for Night Owls

The perfect nighttime weight loss routine (like any weight loss routine) includes exercise and healthy foods. But this is a routine you can do in your PJs!


So unless you have a membership to a gym that stays open late (very possible) and the motivation to get there (maybe less possible?), I’m going to assume you’re working out at home. It’s helpful to have a few items on hand, like some free weights and a jump rope, but they aren’t necessary.

The workouts you can perform at home are really endless, but today I’ll provide you with three of my favorite resources for at-home workouts.

1. YouTube is your friend

There are lots of fitness professionals on YouTube who provide free workout videos. In fact, I even wrote a post linking to 30 different free workout videos. There’s a new workout for every night! Most of them are on the shorter side, so you can try a new one each day and then revisit your favorite channels for more of that style.

2. Commercials are your friend

If you tend to be a couch potato at night, go ahead and enjoy your shows, but get up during the commercial breaks and workout the entire time. By the end of an hour-long show, you’ll probably have moved a full 15 minutes! Try jumping jacks, wall sits, squats, mountain climbers, and push-ups. Push yourself- try 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, and your heart will be pumping!

3. Apps are your friend

My smart watch has an adorable app called 7-Minute Workout that takes me through a series of high-intensity exercises, one right after the other.

7-Min Workout App

It’s a quick workout, but you’ll be breathing hard by the end of it! There are lots of apps for smartphones that offer the same thing. You literally have no excuses; all you have to do is pull out your phone, stand up, and do what it tells you!

Okay, here’s a few bonus resources:

Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine– lots of great ideas and tips for healthy living
Free Online Yoga Classes
– just what it says!
Max Capacity Training– 16 minute workouts
My “Workouts” Pinterest Board– lots of great, quick ideas!

Healthy Foods

If you’re up late, the cravings monster can hit big time! Best to have some healthy snacks on hand to keep you from giving in to the junk. Here are some tips for late night healthy eating:

1. Are you really hungry?

First, ask yourself if you are actually hungry, or are you just bored? Or tired? Maybe it’s time to hit the hay! Are you really just thirsty? Try some water first. If you still need sustenance, then…

2. Try something with protein and a few carbs.

Protein is your friend, especially if you just exercised! And carbs can help you fall asleep more easily. Whatever you choose, keep it light. Try a few pretzels, or a protein bar or shake, or a spoonful of peanut butter. I’m loving these trail/fruit mixes that I found at Sam’s Club:

Healthy Food at Sam's Club

3. Prepare for tomorrow

Take advantage of your late night awakeness and prepare your meals for tomorrow! I got these awesome food storage boxes at Sam’s Club, and I plan to use them to have my next day’s meals ready to go!

Prepare your food the night before!

More Healthy Living Tips

Sleep IS important, you night owls, so try to stay up only on nights when you can sleep a little later and still get 7-8 hours.

Try including a probiotic with your meals, to aid in digestion and ease stomach issues.

Simply Right Probiotic

See if you can commit to a five minute meditation each day. The health benefits are many, including a stronger ability to resist temptation such as (my nemesis) chocolate cake!

You can find lots more tips in the Healthy Living Made Simple online magazine, and check out their app as well!

Whether you get up early or stay up late, enjoy your “me time” and squeeze in that workout!

Are you a night owl or an early bird? How and when do you workout?
Leave a comment and let me know!

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Lori Pace April 12, 2015 - 7:57am

Hail to the Night Owls!!! I am with you!! I love this post and the tips, thank you so much! #client

Deborah Lippitt December 18, 2019 - 12:41pm

I now go to sleep at 11-12 but get up at 7:30 or 8…food in Am UGH not happening..thanks for article..too many are just trying to turn us into larks!! Not gunna happen!