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Weekly Goal

by Megan

Water: good for the body, mind, and soul!

I wasn’t planning on having weekly goals until after the baby comes, but this week I needed one! At my doctor’s appointment, she asked me if I was getting enough fluids, and I said that I probably wasn’t getting enough water. She suggested that I drink as much water as possible, because that will bring down some of the swelling I have in my hands and feet, and of course because it’s healthy too! She said that probably 5 pounds of my weight right now is due to water retention, and that drinking water will take care of it.

Also, I read that you have to take off wedding rings during labor, and I cannot get mine off! I don’t know if my hospital has this policy, and I can ask at my appointment on Tuesday, but I’m still determined to get them off. Hopefully drinking water and getting swelling down will help me.

So, this week I have the goal of drinking at least 20 ounces of water a day. I realize that is extremely low and that I should be drinking more than that, but I’m starting from drinking almost no water every day. I have never been a water-drinker, and I don’t really enjoy drinking water, so I set the bar low. I started this goal on Wednesday, and I think I drank about 40-50 ounces on Wednesday and again on Thursday. Today I’ve had almost 30 already, and it’s 11:30am, so this goal is going very well so far!

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