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Week 9

by Megan

Weigh-in: 159! (down 6 pounds from last Monday)

Well, I finished my first week on Body for Life, and I think it went pretty well. I need to do a little better, though, because I’m eating the right foods, but not spacing them out the way I’m supposed to, and I don’t always have a protein and a carb at each meal. Although, it’s very difficult to plan with a little baby, so I’m doing the best I can!

The cardio is going very well. At the end of the 20 minutes of intervals I’m sweating more than I used to after 40 minutes of a steady pace. I did my first strength workout this evening, because I just got the weights, and that went okay. It would be a lot easier in the gym but I don’t see myself being able to get there often enough. We’ll see how much I feel it in the morning.

So 11 weeks to go! I feel like if I could get through the first week, then I can get through the rest. I put some pictures on my fridge of people who have really great bodies, so hopefully that will keep me inspired and motivated. It’s nice to be out of the 160s, and I don’t intend to see those numbers again until I get pregnant again, and maybe not even then!

So I have 16 weeks left and 19 pounds to lose to reach my goal of 140 by February 14th. Then I’ll have another 14 weeks to lose another 15 pounds to get to 125 by my 25th birthday on May 23rd. It will not be easy, but I’m going to do it! Or die trying…

My girl April told me today that she weighs 125, and she looks amazing! She’s slim and adorable and wins the best-dressed award in the show choir. Of course she’s a little taller than me, so I’ll have to get even thinner than she is to get to 125! I told her I liked her outfit today, and she said I could borrow it! Ha ha, maybe in 6 months! Let’s hope.

25? Man, when did I get so old? I’m thinking about going back to school some time in the near future. I wish I could just be a student for a career. I love the structure of school and classes and assignments and working toward a degree. I love the variety of new classes every few months and learning new things. I love theatre, but I’m thinking that when my kids are older I’d like to get a job during the day that frees up my nights.

I suppose I could just teach theatre like I studied and am certified for, but I’m thinking about possibly studying psychology and being a psychologist or a counselor of some sort. I can always still do theatre in the evenings. The other area I was thinking about was fitness and nutrition and becoming a personal trainer or something like that, but I’m not sure if I’m that into it. And that could end up being an evening job too. Anyway, the grass is always greener and now that I’m home with a baby, I want to work. I’m sure as soon as I got a job I’d just want to be home with the baby!

Speaking of the baby, he is the sweetest little boy in the world! He gets cuter each day, and now he’s laughing! It just warms my heart when he smiles up at me with his big, toothless grin.

What a rambling blog… Well, I have to go get some choreography done. I’m so busy right now with school stuff (where I don’t even work!), because everything is happening all at once. Last week and this week I’m teaching dance in the two theatre classes, I’ve been teaching choreography to one show choir song and will start another one tomorrow morning, I have to stage/choreograph a song for one theatre class for Broadway Night and then teach it to them over the next two weeks, I have to stage/choreograph another group number that Daniel and I are doing with some friends, and I have to prepare a solo. I’m grateful that Daniel is willing to give me so much creative work for his classes. It gives him a break and me a creative outlet, so it’s great. Okay, dance time for real now!

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