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Week 4

by Megan

Weigh-in: 165
Not as drastic as last week, but at least the numbers are still going the right direction!

Goal pants: About the same as last week- I can wear them, but they are still pretty tight.

Okay, so week 3- not so great. I think I did a pretty good job only eating when I was hungry, but I didn’t always make the best food choices. My exercise was okay, but I only did one dvd ab workout instead of the three I had planned. And I definitely had a lot more soda than I should have had. But it’s a new week and time to start over!

My six week postpartum check up is two weeks from tomorrow, and I would really like to be down to 159 by then. So I have to lose 6 pounds in two weeks… we’ll see! Looks like I need to step it up!

My food goal for this week was taken from the most recent Losing Weight After Baby Podcast- Snack Attack. In this podcast, Arlene challenges her listeners to go for a period of time without junk food. She suggests a week but also says that for some people even just one day might be a victory. SO, I’m going to take the one week challenge, with two exceptions. This Wednesday I’ll be at my parents’ house while Daniel has a rehearsal, and we’re going to watch Top Model, and I’m sure there will be some take out or something really good to eat. Then on Saturday my brother is coming to visit, so my whole family will be together, and I’m sure we will either go out to eat or get pizza or something, so I’m going to take Wednesday night and Saturday off from that plan. I know I will be miserable if I can’t indulge those days, and it will help break up the week and give me something to look forward to on the other days.

So, no junk food for me for 5 of the next 7 days! This is not going to be easy for me. I will have to exercise my will power this week! I’m realizing how much of an emotional/stress eater I am, because last night was really stressful with the baby crying a lot, and all I could think was, how am I going to get through a week without junk food when I’m so stressed? That’s not a good sign!

One thing that will hopefully help me with this goal is that I will be going grocery shopping today, and I’m going to load up on healthy snacks and meals to hopefully distract me from eating junk. Another thing I’m going to do, which Arlene suggested in her podcast this week, is to prepare those healthy snacks for eating right away after buying them (cutting up vegetables, etc), so that when hunger strikes, it is easy to go for the healthy stuff.

For the record, giving up junk food for this week includes candy, soda, fast food, and any other high calorie snack foods. I’m also going to try to limit juice and drink water as much as possible.
Another thing that will help me with this goal is that I’m going to post on here what I eat each day. Yikes! That should keep me from the usual embarrassment that is my food journal.

Onto exercise… I’m done with the “first six weeks” workout from the book I have, because I feel like I’m ready for something a little more strenuous. I know I shouldn’t overdo it, but I do feel like I’m pretty much recovered and ready to work harder. So this week I will shoot for two 40 minute walks and two 20 minute walks, 3 dvd ab workouts, and 3 sessions of stretching and light toning.

In seven weeks, all of Daniel’s family will be getting together for a family photo session, so I want to look good for that. If you look at my rewards post, you’ll see that I’m going to get mats at 155, and the place I want to buy them from is up in Tempe (where the photo session will be), so I’m hoping to be at least 155 by then. I toyed with the idea of putting the mats for 150, but I think that seven weeks from now might be too early for 150, so I’m leaving it how it is. However, the less I weigh at that photo session, the more I will like the photos! Plus, we’re taking individual family shots, too, so I’m hoping those will come out nicely. So even though I only have to get to 155 by then to get the mats on the same trip, I’m hoping to be somewhere between 155 and 150. It’s nice to have these motivations!

Okay, so here is a short list of what I’m doing this week:

  • No junk food Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
  • Drink water and limit juice
  • Keep food journal and post each day on my blog
  • Buy healthy groceries and prepare them for quick snacking
  • Two 40 minute walks and two 20 minute walks
  • 3 dvd ab workouts- 10 minutes each
  • 3 stretching and light toning sessions- 20-30 minutes each

Short-term weight loss goals:

  • 159 or less by October 7th
  • 155 or less by November 8th

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