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Week 3

by Megan

Weekly weigh-in: 166 lbs.

Sweet! Four pounds in one week. Looks like I’m still losing some naturally, because I know I would never normally be so lucky. Anyway, that’s good news. I’ve lost 23 pounds, with 26 left to go.

Goal pants: They’re on!

So I can now wear my first pair of goal pants. I can get them up, fasten them, and I’ve even worn them out once or twice. However, they are still a little tight, so I’m going to keep them as my goal pants for another week or two. I can’t honestly say that they “fit” yet, although I am sitting in them right now and pretty comfortable.

My week went pretty well. I did the workout or walked at least 20 minutes for five of the seven days, but some days I did both, and one day I walked 40 minutes. I also wrote down everything I ate on each day, and I kept track of calories on most days.

For week three, I’m going to keep the same exercise goals, because I think they are good for where I’m at in my recovery right now. I’m going to add on one thing- a ten minute ab workout three times this week, from the DVD “10 Minute Solution- Blast Off Belly Fat.”

For food, I’m going to continue to use my food/exercise journal to list what I eat and try to keep track of calories as well. In addition, I am going to drink two bottles of water a day (I have a mini bottle that is 16 oz, so two of those will equal 32oz), and I’m going to do my best to eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

My food goals were taken from two more Losing Weight After Baby podcasts, and here is what I took from them:

Drop Those Pounds!:

  • eat only when hungry, stop when full
  • curb emotional eating- we often eat because we’re looking for a “feeling” (so true!)
  • it takes a few months of a lifestyle change to achieve a “new normal”
  • busy yourself with another task when you feel like eating, distract yourself
  • find a support person who will help you achieve your weight loss goals

Top 6 Nutritional Mistakes Moms Make:

  • too much juice
  • too much hydrogenated fats
  • too much sugar and soda
  • too little protein
  • too little fiber
  • too little omega 3 fatty acids

I am guilty of all of the above! So this week I’ll be focusing on drinking water and eating only when I’m truly hungry.
It’s nice to be out of the 180s and 170s, but I think I’ll start feeling really good when I’m out of the 160s! Let’s hope this week is as successful as last week!!!

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