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Week 2

by Megan

So it’s Monday, and this is the beginning of my regular weekly weigh-in and goal. Since I had Carter on a Friday (the 29th of August), I decided to start counting weeks from the following Monday. Last week was just relaxing and getting into a schedule, and now this week starts the real work.

So I guess it’s time for some real numbers… When I got pregnant, I weighed 140, and my last weigh-in before having the baby was 189. So I gained 49 pounds! This morning I weighed in at 170, so at 11 days postpartum, I have lost 19 pounds. Pretty good for a start, but I’m hoping at least a little more will naturally come off!

This week’s exercise goal is to do the workout in a book I have called “Getting Back in Shape.” The book is specific to moms trying to lose baby weight, and the workout is specific to the first six weeks postpartum. It’s mostly stretches and some light toning. This week I will either walk 20 minutes or do the book workout every day, and I hope to do both on most days.

My food goal is to get a food journal and start writing down everything I eat.

Lastly, I listened to the first two podcasts from the Losing Weight After Baby series, and here is what I took from them:

“How Did I Lose My Baby Weight?”
*there is no ideal time to begin exercising and eating healthy in the future, so the ideal time is now
*if you do not lose your pregnancy weight in 6 months, you are much more likely to hang on to it for good
*breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories a day
*set a goal weight and a goal date for yourself

My goal weight is 139, and the goal date I’ve set is February 14th, 2009 (Valentine’s Day). Six months from having the baby would be at the end of February, so I’m going to push myself a little harder to try to get there by Valentine’s Day. That makes it 24 weeks (which is six months if you say four weeks to a month anyway). That means I have 24 weeks to lose 31 pounds, which makes it just about a pound and a third per week.

So that is my “short” term goal, because when I got pregnant, I was not at my best weight. Here is my weight history: I weighed 115 when I graduated from high school, and then while at college I would gain weight during the school year and then lose some during the summers while performing, so I was anywhere between 128 and 140. When I got married, I weighed about 135, and in the past three years (excluding pregnancy), I’ve fluctuated between 135 and 145 (which is the most I’ve ever weighed (again excluding pregnancy). So my long term goal is to get back down to 125 by my 25th birthday, on May 23rd, 2009. But for now I’m going to focus on the short term weight loss goal- 139 by February 14th.

The other podcast was called “Maximizing Your Post Pregnancy Wardrobe.”
*choose a pair of goal pants and try them on once a week
*once you can wear those pants in public, choose a new goal pair in a smaller size
*hang your favorite prepregnancy outfit in your closet where you can see it everyday
*don’t buy new clothes to fit your current size- having fewer clothes that fit will motivate you to lose weight

So I have my goal pants, which are a size 10 (I am normally a 6-8), and they come pretty close to fitting right now. I can get them up all the way, but can’t fasten them at the waist just yet. So those will be the pants I try on every week until they fit!

My favorite outfit before getting pregnant would be my size 9-short (juniors) jeans from Charlotte Russe (they fit me perfectly!) and my blue striped sweater (we’ll go with warm clothes since it will be winter). I tried on my jeans yesterday, and those also came pretty close to fitting! Made me feel pretty good, even though I have 31 pounds to lose.

In fact, I have to say that I’m not overly disappointed with my postpartum body. Every time I pass a mirror I think, wow I look skinny! :) Of course that is only because the giant stomach is gone, but I think things could be a lot worse! I don’t think I look 30 pounds overweight. I can’t stop looking at my ankles. They were so swollen for so long that they look so dainty now! :) I think I am lucky because so many women either have big hips or get them during pregnancy, but I just don’t have a booty! Of course I trade off by carrying my weight in my stomach and chest, but I think the lack of booty is what is making my pants almost fit already!

Okay, that’s all for now! Carter and I are going up to Tucson for his first shopping trip with Gramma. He’s going to be a dinosaur for Halloween. :) I will update with my progress during the week!

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