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Week 14

by Megan

Weigh-in- 149.0! (Nine pounds to lose in eleven weeks!)

I hadn’t expected much of a loss this week, maybe even a gain, because I really gave in this past week. I’m realizing that my body does really well with the “diet most days and eat tons once or twice a week.” Body for Life gives you one day a week to eat whatever you want, and it’s really strict for the other 6 days. I know this helps your metabolism, keeping your body from going into starvation mode, and it seems to work really well for me.

The founder of Curves has a similar theory- on that program you start out pretty restrictive, but once you get to your goal weight, you are able to eat whatever you want, until you gain a couple of pounds, and then you restrict again until you are back to your weight, and you go back and forth until (he says) you are able to diet for about two days each month. Not sure if that works perfectly, and I’m sure you’re not supposed to eat “whatever you want.” Anyway, the theory is the same, and I’m enjoying it. I think that when I finish Body for Life, I’m going to follow a similar plan like that- restricting for some days and not for others.

One of the big Body for Life theories is doing cardio for only 20 minutes, every other day. He uses an interval system, which gets you sweating and really using the 20 minutes, but I think that afterward, I’d like to go back to a running schedule. So if his ideas are right, then what is the point of running for longer periods of time, if it’s not doing your body any good? Is it just that it will build up endurance? Kadi, comments?

And speaking of Kadi, and all the rest of you who are reading this- stop lurking! Feel free to leave comments for me. I keep finding out that more and more people are reading my blog, so make me stop feeling like a dork with no comments! Actually, Kadi’s off the hook because not only did she leave a comment, but she linked to her blog (which she did not necessarily want made public), so…maybe I just made that worse… Lindsay…Mom Tenney…I know you’re out there!! ;) Busted!

Shout outs to Elyse and Aunt Holly- it was nice to see you guys last week! Thanks for watching Carter so Daniel and I could see a show. We really enjoyed it! And I don’t think I ever thanked you (and Ceri) for the gifts you sent. Carter loves his froggie blanket, and I haven’t used the sling yet, but it looks beautiful and I’m excited to use it! You ladies are so crafty…the box and everything was so cool. I wish I had any kind of artistic talent. My brother and sister are both amazing artists, but I’m awful. When I was little every one of my drawings was either a tree or a cat, and they all looked the same. And earlier this year at my house in Maine, I found a scribbled purple stick figure, and on the picture my teacher had clearly written, “Megan’s Mom.” Haha!

Goal pants: I’m wearing them now, and they are actually a little loose. I mean, I could take them off right now without unbuttoning or unzipping them, so I’d say they fit. I might just need to find some new jeans, because these aren’t too small, but they tend to slip down too far. The fit might just not be right.

SO, new goal pants! Now I’m shooting for a pair of brown, size 6 pants from New York and Co. Right now I can get them on and even fasten the top, but just barely, and I don’t think I could wear them out, so let’s see what happens there in the next few weeks.

I might have mentioned this before, but when I was still pregnant, I bought a pair of XS pants from Victoria’s Secret, and I have every intention of fitting into them soon. At first I couldn’t even get them much past my knees, and now I can get them all the way on, but they are too tight right now. Those will be my goal pants eventually, but not just yet.

So, did anybody else go out Friday morning? This was my third year in a row going out on Black Friday, and I just love it! My mom and I left her house at 4:30am and went to Walmart. Now, I have never gone to Walmart first thing on Black Friday, but here’s what they do: Since Walmart is open 24 hours, you don’t have to wait outside, but the sales did not start until 5am, so you had to stand by what you wanted and not touch it until they said it was okay.

A lot of people were after TVs and cameras, I guess, and I saw a huge group of people nearly killing each other to get at something in a bin… Anyway, I wanted a hard drive, but I couldn’t even find them! I went to where the hard drives normally were, but I guess they put the new ones somewhere else. I never did find them, but my mom got in the line for a Nintendo DS package, which came with a limited edition “ice blue” DS, a matching case, and the game Brainage, and she got one! Shout out to Beans!

We managed to get through a check out fairly quickly and then went home. I went online and they had the hard drive on the website, so I ordered it right away. It’s a Seagate (good brand) 500gb, for $69. I also got a 2gb memory card for $7. Then we went all the way across town to Kmart, because they had the digital photo frame I wanted. They weren’t supposed to open until 7, but they were already open when we got there at 6:45… Anyway, to make a long story short, I got my frame and a digital photo keychain as well. We stood in line there for about an hour and a half (the bad thing about Black Friday, lines).

I love the frame, but the problem I have with it is that it doesn’t take batteries, so it has to be plugged in. I think it looks a little ghetto on the wall with a cord hanging down, but maybe when we buy a house we’ll have a better place to set it up somewhere. I looked up frames that take batteries, but I guess it’s pointless because they run out so quickly. At least having it plugged in means it can run all the time.

What else is new? Well, it’s December, so I think I’ll put up our Christmas tree today. It’s just a little one, but it’s cute. I’ve been way proactive, and all of Daniel and Carter’s presents are bought and wrapped already, so I can put those underneath. Daniel’s winter concert is this weekend, so that will be fun. My family is coming, which is nice, since I choreographed most of the show choir show.

Well, Carter just woke up, so gotta go! Happy Holidays!

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laylatenney December 1, 2008 - 5:44pm

Oh shoot… I was caught red-handed. Well since I was specifically mentioned, I would love to give you a shout out! Congrats on your much deserved success! You’re certainly kicking butt in weight loss! I am anxious to see you again soon and that beautiful son of yours! Chris and I will be attending the concert, too, so you’ll have plenty of fans in the audience! Will promise to be better at posting comments, lady! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kadi December 2, 2008 - 5:05pm

I am not familiar with the “Curves Theory” of dieting, but it sounds like a very unsmart way to yo-yo your weight loss when really what you should be aiming for is an all-around healthier lifestyle. which means eating smart 90% of the time and splurging 10% or less. This is a good time to decide what you can’t live your life without and what you could find a healthier substitute for. I like sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding with light whipped cream on top as a substitute for chocolate cream pie. That is just an example.
As for the running 20 minutes dilemma, the twenty minute intervals burn sufficient calories for weight loss for most people. You are correct that if you want to increase endurance you need to run longer. However, the 20 minute interval should never get easier because if it does, you are not pushing hard enough.
How was that for a reply? I think I wrote enough to get me through the next month!

Beans January 9, 2009 - 3:50pm

You failed to mention that I was quite alarmed by the sudden shouting in Walmart and I almost ran out of the store! Shopping on Black Friday can be scary!!