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Week 12!

by Megan

Well, here we are, almost halfway to my 6 month goal of getting to my prepregnancy weight! And things are going great!

Weigh-in: 152! Down another three pounds!

Goal pants: Still on the tight side, but wearable.

I’m still a little worried about my milk supply, but I don’t want to stop Body for Life, so I’m going to eat a little extra this week and hopefully everything will be okay. I’ve been doing okay, but not great on the program, so I need to recommit and keep going strong.

Quick shout out to the St. David music and theatre students. I’ve been going up to the school to teach 2-3 classes and run after school rehearsals on most days for the past month, so that’s been busy but fun! I choreographed three dances for Broadway night, which was Saturday, and I choreographed two of the three dance numbers for the show choir show (December 6th). The kids did really well on Saturday night, despite many technical problems!! Of course I did way better on my song for the second performance, and of course my family came to the first performance… But it’s all good. As Heidi said, (I’m putting away my humility for a moment) “Yeah, but your ‘not so good’ is way better than most people’s ‘really good.'” I said I could agree with that! ;) Anyway, thanks St. David kids, you rock. They also have given me the title of “Almighty Supreme Commander of All Things Music and Dance.” Sorry Daniel. Carter was named my assistant, and Daniel was named Carter’s assistant.

So I have 12 pounds to lose and 13 weeks! I think I can lose a pound a week at least! It wouldn’t be bad to get a jumpstart on the 15 pounds I want to lose after that, anyway.

Some people have been telling me how awesome I’m doing, etc… But really, I never weighed more than about 145 at the most until I got pregnant, so this weight that is coming off is not really weight that I’m “supposed” to have. So the hard work is still in the future, but I’m committed! I can’t wait to see the 140s again…and then be done with them for good!

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