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Week 10

by Megan

Weigh-in: 156! (down another three pounds)

Goal pants: They fit! I’m moving on to my prepregnancy jeans, which are a juniors size 9 short. I tried them on, and I could get them on all the way and even button them, but they are still pretty tight, so I’m not ready to wear them out yet.

Week two of Body for Life is over. It definitely seems to be helping me get the weight off, though I haven’t been 100%. I need to do better with my water intake, getting in my weight training, and eating more, smaller meals. I probably haven’t been eating enough, so I should definitely pay more attention to my meals.

I felt really good looking in the mirror this morning! I wore a shirt that was tight before I even got pregnant and a hoodie that I didn’t think looked good the last time I wore it.

So, 33 pounds down, 16 to go, and then 15 more to go! Next week I also will do measurements.

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