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Week 1 of 5 Meals/1 Hour

by Megan

I did my prep work today for my 5 meals! I took pictures to record the adventure, including the timer as it counted down the hour. I wanted to see how close to an hour it would actually be, and as you will see, I was pleasantly surprised!

I went grocery shopping this morning for all the supplies, as well as regular groceries (snacks and lunch stuff), and I definitely spent a lot more than I usually do. However, I did have to buy a few things that I didn’t have on hand, which I will use again (a few condiments, zip loc bags, etc), and there was a lot more meat on the menu than I would probably usually buy for a week of meals.

The good news is that these meals are going to make a lot more food than we would eat at one meal. So, I think I can probably stretch out one week’s menu to two weeks. We also aren’t home every night. For example, tonight Daniel is gone, and we are always gone Tuesday nights, so we don’t eat at home every night. So with eating out once or twice a week, and having “whatever you can find” nights once or twice a week, I think I will probably do this every other week. That will also help with spending less at the grocery store.

Here is a photo tour of how my hour went:

I had 9 minutes left, which amazed me because I went very slowly, making sure I got everything right! And that 51 minutes included clean up (not washing dishes) and the time it took to get all the food and ingredients together! So I was very happy!

All that’s left to do is eat!

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1 comment

Elyse March 22, 2011 - 5:33am

awesome! I love your count down!