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Wednesday food

by Megan

Okay I think I took advantage of my cheat day… here’s my embarrassing list of food that is much more similar to a normal day for me:

Cereal and juice
snack bag of cookies
turkey sandwich on whole wheat with pepperjack cheese and light mayo
sour cream and onion chips
root beer
pizza with pepperoni and pineapple (fruit!)
ginger ale
fruit smoothie

The day started out okay but the second half was really bad. Three sodas, pizza, cupcake, and cookies- this is what we’re dealing with!! I did plan on cheating this day, but that’s a bit much. The sad thing is that it’s not that unusual for me.

Exercise is going great. I went on a 40 minute walk with the stroller, and I did a 20 minute stretching/toning circuit. Now if I could only get myself to make the right food choices…

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