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The Wedding of Q and U

by Megan

In just a few short months, my little big man will no longer be a Kindergartner! What a fantastic school year he’s had so far. I really love his school and all the ways they go above and beyond for the kids. Last Friday, on Valentine’s Day, they all participated in the wedding of Ms. Q and Mr. U (who always go together).


Carter told me a few days ahead of time that he was chosen to be an “announcer” for the wedding, and that some of the other kids were bubble blowers, “shushers,” the bride and groom, etc. He said the announcers say, “Somebody’s getting married!” to the people in the audience.

Which is exactly what they did…in an extremely adorable way!

The announcers came out first and did exactly what Carter said, going all around the room and saying, “Somebody’s getting married!”

Then the classical music started, and the bell ringers came down the aisle, ringing their hand bells. Then the “shushers” walked down the aisle with signs that said “Quiet.” Next came the bubble blowers, the ring bearers, the “letter girls,” and then of course the brides (5 of them, since there was one bride and one groom from each class).

One of the teachers officiated, starting off with a marriage speech I think you’ll recognize, and then asking the bride and groom to say “QU” in lieu of “I do.”

At the end of the wedding, the kids sang a cute song to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride.”

Here comes the Q, here comes the U
Always together, forever say I do…


Then the music picked up and they partied on out the doors!

My husband and parents were all out of town that day, so it was just me with the two littles, but we stopped by Carter’s classroom to say hi, and tell him to have fun at his class Valentine’s Day party.


 While we were there, the bride and groom were cutting a real wedding cake, and all the kids got to eat a slice!


So much fun. I will sure miss Kindergarten when it’s over, but just another couple of years before we get to experience it again!

Here is a quick video of the Q and U Wedding highlights!

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