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by Megan

In the next post I will be discussing the tools I plan to use to get back into shape after the baby comes, but this post is dedicated to my personal vices, or the things that tend to keep me from my goal weight and shape!

So I’ve spent most of my life at a healthy weight, never having to worry about dieting or exercising until college. In high school and before, I was active enough to be naturally slim (and occasionally in really good shape, when I was cheering and on the gymnastics team). When I hit college and had less activity, my years of poor eating habits caught up with me, and I gained some weight. I will go into more details about numbers after the baby comes and I see just how much I gained during pregnancy and how much comes off right away, but basically since I’ve been married I’ve regularly weighed 5-15 pounds more than I should. Sometimes I’ve been more on the ball and only been about 5 pounds over, and sometimes I’ve been way off the ball and been closer to 15 pounds over! When I got pregnant, I was somewhere in the middle, weighing about 7-9 pounds more than necessary.

So, before getting pregnant, all I really needed to do was be a little stricter with my food choices, exercise a bit more, and I probably would have been all set. However, pregnancy changes your body, and I don’t entirely know what to expect after the baby comes. But that is a discussion for a few weeks from now…

Back to today’s topic of vices!

I can say that I’m pretty good at fitting in exercise, especially when I’m motivated and trying to reach a goal. Before getting pregnant and in the early months I would go running most days or do a fitness dvd at home. But I still had days and periods of time where I would stop feeling motivated and give up on exercise for a while. And now that I’m adding a baby to the equation, I get the feeling that time won’t be on my side as much!

So, vice #1 is getting too busy and having a hard time fitting in exercise every day.

Vice #2 is the fact that I sometimes get complacent and unmotivated to exercise.

My other vices are pretty much all food-related. I LOVE JUNK! I love to eat cake, chocolate candy bars, fast food, french fries, juice, and soda. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be pepperoni pizza with french fries, pepsi, and chocolate cake for dessert.

Vice #3 is the types of food that I prefer…junk!

Vice #4, in connection with #3, is the fact that I enjoy very few healthy foods. I try to eat fruit and vegetables, but most days I do not. I also don’t really enjoy drinking water. I have to really work hard to work healthy foods into my diet.

Vice #5 is that I do not really enjoy cooking, and I’m not very good at it, so often I would much rather go out for meals instead of cooking in at home, and that always results in more calories and unhealthy foods.

Vice #6 is that I tend to eat when I’m bored, or because I want to eat something tasty, instead of only eating when I’m actually hungry. This results in eating more calories than I need each day.

So my vices are: not finding time for exercise, not being motivated to exercise, liking junk food, not liking healthy food, eating out instead of cooking, and eating for reasons other than hunger.

In my next post I will discuss how I plan to address each of these vices, and specific tools I will use to get back into shape!

Thanks for reading!

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1 comment

Matt and Elyse August 19, 2008 - 1:03am

Hey Megan!
Welcome to the blogging world!!! Hope baby boy comes soon! Good Luck!