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Good Vibrations

by Megan

Vibrating yoga.

I mean, I just can’t come up with a clever way to begin this post. It’s just…it’s vibrating yoga, that’s what it is!

Let’s back up.

I was recently contacted by the founders of Vibetality, a new kind of gym/spa opening soon in Chandler, Arizona. Reading the email, I was like, “Whaaaa?” I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go have a tour of their facilities and find out what this vibration fitness was all about. Of course when I got there, I was even more like, “Whaaaa?” But this time it was, “Whaaaa? COOL!”

It just so happened that my BFF (that’s bloggy friend forevah) Lanaya (rhymes with “oh hey ya”) had JUST moved to Chandler, so we set up a blate (that’s a blogger date), to meet at the studio and then go to lunch (don’t even talk to me about how awesome my french toast bagel sandwich was).

So I got there early so I could feed Harrison, who then promptly spit up all over my shirt. Lanaya hugged me anyway, and then later she got a little Harrison surprise of her own, so we’re basically like family now.

Let’s get back to the vibrating yoga part of this post, shall we?

We met Erica and Patrick, two super fun, super fit people who came up with the idea for Vibetality. Long story short, Patrick used to workout 5 hours a day until he got really, unexpectedly, sick. He spent a lot of money and time on doctors who couldn’t help or figure out the problem. At some point he came across research showing the positive effects of whole-body vibration, so he tried it out. And it worked for him! Not only did he get better, but he was able to get the same results from 15 minutes of vibration a day as he was getting with 5 tiring hours of workouts.

Erica adds years of yoga training to the partnership, and together they created Vibetality, where they combine a 15 minute yoga or fitness workout with the vibration plate.

Some of the research that Patrick shared with me shows that full-body vibration stimulates your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously. 15 minutes of just standing on the vibrating plate is supposed to equal hours of walking, and if you add simple exercises while you are on the plate, it will have an optimal effect on your muscle tone, working up to 95% of your muscle fibers.

If I sound incredulous, it’s just because I’m trying to not tell you that I personally know that this works. I have not tried out the program other than during our visit (and I’m going back this weekend for opening day!), so I don’t have the experience to personally vouch for it. But it’s super intriguing, isn’t it?

It’s fun too.

Lanaya and I both got a chance to try out the vibrating plate, as Erica put us both through a short session of some yoga exercises.

Vibetality vibrating yoga

The studio was not finished when we visited, but the idea is that there will be a full floor with ten square holes where the vibrating plates will go. Class participants will put their mats down over a plate during their 15 minute classes, which include FitVibe, YogaVibe, and RenewVibe.

The plate was…crazy! Lanaya went first, and when she was on the plate, I didn’t really notice much that was different, but she asked if I could see her eyeballs shaking!

Vibetality vibrating yoga
Vibetality vibrating yoga

I totally understood once it was my turn. As soon as I stepped on, the whole room seemed like it was shaking. Not in a bad way, but it made me self-conscious at first, because it did feel like my whole face was shaking. After a minute or two I got more used to it, and it was fun!

harry watches us try out vibrating yoga
Even Harry was enthralled!

Vibetality classes are just 15 minutes long, so if you are looking for a get in-get out kind of fitness option, you might want to check it out!

Vibetality vibrating yoga

Vibetality is opening this Saturday, November 9th, and they are kicking things off with a full day of free classes and an open house. The studio also offers massage and float therapy packages. You can get more information on their website (you need to preregister for the opening day free classes since space is limited), but here is the flyer:

Vibetality, Chandler AZ

I will be there for the 11:45 and the 12:15 classes, and then I’ll probably hang out a little bit during the open house time in the afternoon. If you live nearby, definitely drop in and say hi and see it for yourself!

Vibetality vibrating yoga

Thanks to Erica and Patrick for letting us visit and experience Vibetality!

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Leslie November 5, 2013 - 9:24pm

This sounds so cool! I’m excited to hear about you going again. I’m also super jealous you and Lanaya have met! I’ve always wanted to go to AZ…. :)

Lanaya | Raising Reagan November 8, 2013 - 9:50am

That was so much fun … great review! It was such a great blate even though Harry gave me my own little surprise! But yes, we are practically family now! I can’t wait to check out the float tank … it’s going to be EPIC!
And I love the pictures. They turned out great :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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April November 19, 2013 - 1:04pm

You two are so cute! Are they coming to my area? I need something that’s only 15 minutes! That’s all that my little B will give me!

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