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Vibetality: Now Open

by Megan

A few weekends ago, I attended the opening day for Vibetality, a yoga studio/spa in Chandler, Arizona. Before they opened their doors to the public, I was invited to take a tour of their space and try out their vibrating plate (which is what participants use during their classes). I wrote about my tour and first experience on the plate here.

When I returned on opening day, it was like night and day! The whole studio was finished, and it was gorgeous!


I got to take two of their classes, the FitVibe and YogaVibe, each lasting 15 minutes. The philosophy of the owners of the studio is that, with the added vibration technology, all you need is 15 minutes a day to engage your whole body and improve your muscle tone. It’s a really interesting concept to me, and I wish I lived closer, so that I could really test out the idea by attending regularly. As I told them, I hope they do really well in Chandler, so they can come open up a second studio in Surprise!

vibetality- chandler, az- vibetality.com

The set-up of the studio is so cool. The plates are set into the floor, so you don’t have to worry about falling off them! There is a little circle cut out next to each plate, which you remove at the start of class to reveal the timer for the plate. You just turn it on all the way, and it’s good for 15 minutes.


The whole studio was beautifully designed and decorated, with a clean, modern air. I felt like I could just relax in there all day!


The opening celebration included delicious food from nearby restaurants, as well as some vendor booths selling cute fitness apparel, yoga mat bags, and more.


They were also doing some giveaways, and you might just know someone who was a lucky winner! Hint: it’s me. I won a gift certificate to a skin spa…super cool.


One of the neat things that Vibetality offers, in addition to their yoga classes, vibration plate classes, and massage treatments, is their float tank. One of only two in the state, the float tank is a large tub, filled with salt water with a high enough concentration of salt that you float in the water effortlessly, with the intention of relaxation. I will be back to try it out!

vibetality- chandler, az- vibetality.com

I had such a great time at Vibetality’s opening day- definitely glad I went back to see the finished product! If you happen to live in the area, I definitely recommend checking it out! If you think you might go, let me know, because I may be able to provide you with a coupon (I have a couple).

Check out Vibetality’s website for their schedule and pricing, and they’d also love to connect via Twitter and Instagram!

vibetality- chandler, az- vibetality.com

What’s your workout of choice? Would you want to try it out while vibrating?!

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Lanaya | Raising Reagan November 26, 2013 - 10:45am

I have to say I’m in love with it. It is a great workout and all in 15 minutes! I love that last picture of you on the plate, Is that the one I took?
I can not believe you won again! Lucky duck!

Lanaya | xoxo

Leslie November 26, 2013 - 12:15pm

I’m so jealous of you and Lanaya! I would love to try something like this, especially the float tank!