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Vacation Week

by Megan

This week is my first official school break as a mom-of-a-kid-in-school. And now I know what other moms mean when they say they can’t wait for school vacation to end!

Okay to be fair, we’ve had a very enjoyable, lazy week. It’s been nice having Daniel home to help out, and I got to see more of Carter than I normally do.

But wow…these kids. They sure can argue.

Carter and Vanessa know just how to push each other’s buttons. And they do. All day long.

Then we’ll have the rare moment when they eat lunch together harmoniously, and Carter leans over and says, “Wow, Vanessa, you’re doing a great job!” And then he helps her take care of her dishes. And she says please and thank you.

So cute. So rare.

This week has been a blissful combination of getting out and staying in. I spent Monday with all the kids at my parents’ house, where they got to visit with Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Mal. Daniel joined us for a pizza lunch, and I worked a few hours.

Tuesday was a relaxing day at home while Carter got to have a special day with Gramma at the Phoenix Zoo, and then I took Harrison to his hematologist appointment.

Yesterday, Vanessa got to have her special day with Gramma, and Harrison and I tagged along! Gramma and Vanessa went to the aquarium at the Arizona Mills Mall, and Harrison and I hit a few shops and found some needed pieces for our Halloween costumes. We all enjoyed lunch at the food court, Vanessa and I rode the merry-go-round, and we all walked the whole mall before heading back home.

Last night, Daniel and I (and Harry, but he slept most of the time) got to attend a special blogger dinner at our nearby Mimi’s Cafe. It was a delicious treat, both the food and the company. But that deserves its own post, so we’ll save the details for later!

After we got home last night, this happened!

Today and tomorrow will be two more lazy days as we indulge in the last few hours of this week off. The weather is beautiful, and I’ve been getting out for walks and runs, sometimes more than once a day!

Two great things about school vacation: they give everyone a nice, relaxing break, and then they end!

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