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A Useful Hostess Gift

by Megan

As the year comes to a close, chances are that you’ll be attending some fun holiday parties and events. I’m thrilled because I grew up with the tradition of our Family Christmas Party (yes, capital letters required), and this year we are reviving it, after a ten year hiatus! Today I’m sharing a little bit about our party traditions, along with a cute hostess gift idea that’s sure to please!

Useful and cute hostess gift idea!

Growing up, we always got together with my mom’s side of the family for a fun Christmas party. There were about 20 of us, and it was always a raucous time. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard than I did at our Christmas parties, from the time my brother performed a full-length rap about our great aunt and all of her idiosyncrasies, to when my grandmother couldn’t figure out our Christmas song riddles, so instead she made up her own, highly-inappropriate versions.

Along with the laughter, there was always lots of delicious food and…The Auction. You may know it as a Yankee Swap, a White Elephant, or a Chinese Auction. Every person brought a wrapped gift, and we would take turns opening them and exchanging, based on which number we pulled from a hat. Number 1 was the coveted position, as that person had the final swap of the auction and could take any gift he or she wanted.

Like I said, The Christmas Party has been on hiatus basically since the generation shift, when us kids became adults and the adults became empty-nesters. Throw in a cross-country move and some grandchildren, and it’s no wonder that it hasn’t happened in awhile.

But this year, we are bringing it back better than ever! My family will be getting together at my parents’ house, and with 7 adults, we’ve decided it’s time for The Auction 2.0!


I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family and recreating some of the traditions we had growing up. My mom is the ultimate party planner and always spends a lot of time making sure all of the details are perfect. Not to mention the fact that her house is always decked out for the current season or holiday, and walking into my parents’ house always brings the comfort of feeling like I’m “back home.”

So I put together a little hostess gift that any busy party planner would love. It’s super simple and inexpensive, but will no doubt be appreciated!

I went to Sam’s Club and picked up the Kleenex Winter Pack, which contains 8 lotion boxes and 3 “perfect fit” winter canisters. This is a set that will definitely last you all winter long, especially when those winter sicknesses hit!


I took one of the perfect fit canisters, taped on some delicious chocolate truffles, and then fancied it up with a bow and some ribbon. Super quick and easy!


Your hostess will no doubt appreciate the usefulness of the Kleenex, along with the sweet treats she can enjoy in between getting things ready and making sure everyone else has what they need!


Dress up one of the Kleenex canisters or cubes for each of your holiday get-togethers, and spread the love! These would also work well for teacher or office gifts. Everyone uses Kleenex!

Have a great holiday season and stay healthy!

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