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The Ultimate Blog Goals Survey For 2014

by Megan

Here at Shaping Up To Be A Mom, I like to consider myself your guide to all things goal-related. Setting goals, working on goals, achieving your goals, creating a bucket list, checking things off your to-do list, etc. And in 2014, I hope to focus on that category even more. Today I’m starting things off with The Ultimate Blog Goals Survey For 2014!

Ultimate Blog Survey for 2014

Basically I’m going to ask you a slew of questions, aimed at helping you narrow your focus and set goals for your blog for 2014. Some may seem repetitive, and you certainly don’t have to answer all of them, just the ones that speak to you.

I’ll end this post with two free printables that will put your goals in a nice, neat one-(or two)sheet. Feel free to print them out and write in your answers and tape them up somewhere, so you can see your goals regularly. That should help you stay on track in the new year and reach all of your big bloggy dreams! On to the survey!

Big Picture/Defining Questions:

What is your main overall goal for your blog for 2014? I want to _____________.

How would you describe your blog in one paragraph? One sentence? One word?

How do you want other people to feel when they visit your blog?

What are some other blogs that you consider similar to yours?

What blogs do you look up to? If you could be any other blog, which one would you choose?

What do you want people to take away from your blog?

How do you want people to feel when they leave your blog?

What adjectives would you use to describe your blog?

What adjectives would you want others to use to describe your blog?


What are your favorite kind of posts to write?

What are your most popular posts with your readers?

To whom are you speaking? Who is your main audience?

What topics do you want to cover this year?

What are you really good at?

Why do you write? To share your knowledge with others? To inspire? To record your memories?

What could you do this year in order to improve your writing?


Are your photographs a strong or weak part of your blog?

Do you need a new or better camera?

Are there online or in-person seminars that you could take that would improve your photography skills?

Do you need to join a stock photo site so you can access stock photos for your posts?

Do you need to learn more about Photoshop or PicMonkey?

Blog Design:

What do you need to improve in regards to your blog design this year?

Do you need new buttons, a new header, a new background, a completely new design?

Do you have a logo and/or a strong “brand?”

Do the colors on your site represent you well? Do they all coordinate?

Do you need to reorganize your sidebar? Add new widgets?

What have you seen on other blogs’ sidebars that you want on yours?

Is your sidebar too busy, too messy, too empty?

Do you have an easy way for people to follow your blog?

What plugins could you use to make your site more attractive and/or functional?


Do you have a good system of keeping yourself organized?

Do you keep a list of your upcoming posts?

Do you have a system in place for promoting your blog?

Do you have or want to start a weekly blog schedule (i.e. craft on Mondays, fashion on Wednesdays, giveaway on Fridays, etc)?

Do you need to hire a VA this year? What would you have them do? What would you want to get as a result of hiring them (increased pageviews? graphic design work? etc.)?

Do you need to consolidate email addresses or organize your emails into folders?

Social Media:

Are there any social media sites that you’d like to join this year?

Do you have a system in place for manually or automatically promoting your blog posts to your social media accounts?

Do you need to install a “pin it” button?

Do you have a Pinterest board for your blog, where you can pin all your posts?

Do you pin your blog posts to other category-appropriate Pinterest boards?

Do you want to join or create group pinboards and/or Facebook blogging groups?

Do you want to increase your Facebook/Twitter/etc. following?

How can you increase engagement on your various social media sites?

Do all of your social media accounts consistently use the same name/handle/profile photo/blog logo?

What do you want to learn about social media this year?

Blog Ownership:

Do you want to move from Blogger to WordPress?

Do you want to get or switch hosting?

Do you need to buy or change your domain name?

Do you want to bring in collaborators or guest posters?

Do you have Google authorship?

Spending Money:

What do you need to spend money on this year, in regards to your blog?

What training do you need?

What blogs do you want to sponsor?

What blog conferences do you want to attend, and how much will they cost?

What supplies do you need?

Making Money:

How much money do you want to make from your blog this year? Monthly?

How can you increase your ad revenue?

What media companies do you want to work with?

How often do you want to write sponsored posts?

Do you want to do product reviews?

Do you want to run giveaways?

What brands/companies do you want to pitch to?

What is happening in your life this year that companies might be interested in? Pregnant? Have little kids? Running a marathon?

How will you prepare for reporting your blog earnings on your taxes?

Do you need to learn more about SEO and keywords?

And lastly:

What do you see when you envision yourself and your blog at the end of 2014?

I hope these questions have helped you figure out what you want for your blog in 2014, and I hope you have been able to set some exciting, ambitious goals for this year! Here are the printables I promised you. Fill one or both in with your biggest hopes and dreams for your blog this year, post them where you’ll see them every day, and GO FOR IT! Dream big, the sky is the limit. And GOOD LUCK!

 blog goals worksheetclick to download

blog goals worksheetclick to download

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Sara January 3, 2014 - 5:37am

I am loving how these questions are so thought provoking. I am only on the fifth question and it’s making me really reflect on why I blog and what I hope to get out of it. Thanks for this post!

Megan January 3, 2014 - 10:12pm

I’m glad you’re finding it useful!