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#ad When Life Hands You Spicy Chicken Nuggets

by Megan


Ahh, a night in. Somehow, during this crazy busy week of Halloween parties and last minute costume buys, we managed to score a night off! So of course I will be preparing a complicated 4-course meal. NOT! Tonight is a night for comfy “pajammys,” piling on the couch, having a Netflix marathon, and eating yummy Tyson chicken nuggets for dinner!

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“Chicken nuggets?” you say? Oh yes, but these are not your average chicken nuggets. Tyson has just put out two new gourmet Chicken Nugget options: Spicy Chicken Nuggets and Cheesy Chicken Nuggets!

Ready for a confession? Tonight will be our third meal this week comprised primarily of Tyson’s Cheesy and Spicy Chicken Nuggets. That’s how lazy busy I am. And how good these nuggets are.

Look, I’m a pickier eater than my kids fairly picky eater, and I have zero interest in low quality, who-knows-what’s-really-in-there nuggets, but I’ve trusted Tyson for a long time. Everyone loved these!

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Harrison is holding one but I didn’t let him eat it. We also had to give Vanessa another one because she ate hers while we were taking photos!

I loved the spicy variety, and my kids flipped for the cheesy ones. Best way to make kids and adults happy? Serve both! Dips are a must of course! We had apple BBQ sauce, spicy mustard, and ranch.

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I really like keeping my freezer stocked with quick-and-easy meals, and luckily we live right next door to a Walmart Neighborhood Market (where I bought the nuggets) so a last-minute dinner is always just a quick trip away! If you want to give these nuggets a try, some Walmart stores will be doing an in-store demo on November 15th.

These kid-pleasing nuggets are perfect for a Saturday lunch, an afternoon snack, a night when Dad works late, or just that (ahh) delicious night-in with the family and no place to be.

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