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The Two Tables: A Weight Loss Visualization Technique

by Megan

If you’re one of the many people who made a resolution to get healthier this year, you may already be finding that your motivation is starting to slip. Today I want to share my latest “bathtub” read with you (I read in the bathtub; it’s the only place the kids can’t find me). This isn’t your normal weight loss instruction manual; there’s something very different about this book which I think you’ll love.

Smart Idea Alert! Visualizing two tables full of food, can help you make better food decisions! Read more about this weight loss technique and Marilyn McKenna's book "Eat Like It Matters" in this blog post!

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Eat Like It Matters is Marilyn McKenna’s inspirational and informative story about how she lost 120 pounds, found her “inner badass,” and changed her life. The back cover shows a recent picture of her standing with both legs in just one of her old pant legs, and that alone is motivation to put down the potato chips! Marilyn sent me a copy of her book to read and review, along with a sweet personalized note, and I’m excited to share it with you today.

Eat Like It Matters by Marilyn McKenna

The reason this book is different from other weight loss books on the shelves is that Marilyn has been through the struggle! This is not advice from a skinny trainer who’s never been in your shoes. She has been in the weight loss trenches and fought her way out. She knows what you’re going through and writes with understanding but determination to get you to make the decisions that she promises will change your life.

There were lots of nuggets of wisdom and really helpful tips in the book, but today I wanted to focus on one of the ideas that Marilyn shares, which has really stuck with me. She shared her visualization tactic of The Two Tables.

When faced with a food choice, Marilyn envisions two tables. One is on the small side but loaded with delicious fruits and vegetables, proteins, and other good-for-you foods. The other table is huge and filled with every kind of food that is not good for you. Needless to say, that table stretches on forever!

The smaller table, you may have figured out, has the foods that Marilyn has decided she will eat. Each food on the table meets two criteria- she loves it, and it’s good for her. Every other food goes on the large table, of foods that she chooses not to eat.

You can use this same visualization for yourself. It’s a very powerful one! When faced with a decision about whether or not to eat a food, ask two questions. Do you love it? Is it good for you?

If the answer to either question is no, place it on the large table in your mind, and move on! If both answers are yes, on the small table (and in your mouth) it goes!

Your small table should excite you to visualize it. Don’t put something on it that is healthy if you hate it! There are enough foods that taste great and are also good-for-you, and life is just too short to not enjoy your food!

delicious fruit bowl

I loved this visualization of the tables, and I will definitely use it for myself when I’m making decisions about food. There are many other great tips in Marilyn’s book, so if you’re looking to boost your motivation, definitely check out her website, and grab her book while you’re there!

Good luck on all of your goals- I sure hope 2016 is a fantastic year for us all!

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