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Tummy Ties!

by Megan

We are gearing up for our big Bundles of Joy giveaway on Friday, and today I’m going to tell you more about one of our great prizes!

Family Bedrock is giving away a set of their Tummy Ties for the winner of my giveaway package, and they sent me a set to try out.

TummyTie® was designed to allow women to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably throughout pregnancy, post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause.
Unlike anything else on the market, TummyTie’s unique patented design is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your clothes using the existing button and buttonhole – NO bulky fabric panels needed, as your zipper stays locked in place! Pack comprises two sizes in both black and white; the elastic expands with the waistline without restricting you or causing discomfort. Machine washable, the TummyTie sits flat on your stomach and is simple, discreet, effective and very affordable; making it every woman’s essential wardrobe accessory.

I tried out my Tummy Ties on a pair of jeans that fit me before pregnancy (a good twenty pounds ago!):

Sure enough, the Tummy Ties worked just as advertised, giving my jeans a stretchy waistband that they didn’t have before.

In my opinion, these probably work a little better during the first half of pregnancy, or if you tend to only gain weight in your tummy! For those of us who gain it all over, they would be great at the beginning and then also later on, if you have larger pants on hand.

Tummy Ties are a great way to stretch your wardrobe and your budget, since pregnancy is a (hooray!) temporary condition.

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Thaleia March 12, 2013 - 7:30pm

Cool! I have never heard of these. Very interesting:) Cannot wait to enter for a chance to win!

denise226 March 27, 2013 - 4:51am

never heard of these i must try these