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Try Revolt For Free!

by Megan

I’ve been talking about Revolt Fitness on here a lot lately, but for good reason. I have been seeing great results with the Revolt Fitness program, and I’m so glad that I was chosen for the 12 in 12 challenge, because otherwise I know I wouldn’t be as motivated. As part of the program I’m required to take and post weekly progress photos so there’s the motivation!

Revolt’s “Uprisings” (monthly fitness and nutrition programs) start on the first Monday of each month, so several times a year there is a bonus week. We have a bonus week starting up tomorrow, and guess what? It’s free to the public! If you’ve been wanting to give an online fitness program a try, here is your chance!

Here is the September Bonus Cardio Week! It includes a meal plan which you are supposed to eat for 6 days, with one free day to eat whatever you’d like. It also includes video workouts for Monday through Saturday (that’s even one extra workout than usual!).

I hope you’ll take advantage of this awesome free week, and see if Revolt Fitness is a good fit for you! I’m excited to share my before and after photos with you all once this challenge is finished. We are 4 weeks in with 8 to go! Time to step it up!

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