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Training Week 1

by Megan

I did all my runs this week, which was an accomplishment in itself! I really didn’t want to go tonight, but I did it anyway. Three nights ago I ran a 5k without stopping, and tonight I ran another 5k, with a little bit of walking, and I was three minutes faster than last time! That’s a good sign. Also, I’m super sweaty, which means I pushed myself- also good!

I’m still very slow, but I feel great knowing that I have 7 more weeks of training to get in better shape and improve my time.
Now for some frosted flakes, Amazing Race finale (we are watching old seasons- never watched it before), a hot bath, and some reading! Also I have to do some work tonight, but I’m going to think more about the fun stuff! I knew I would appreciate relaxing tonight more if I went for a run first- mission completed!

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1 comment

CynthiaJK January 25, 2012 - 2:06am

Keep up the good work!