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Toxin Free Generation

by Megan

I have been compensated for sharing the mission of the Toxin Freedom Fighters with you. Learn more about their cause at fighttoxins.com.

You guys know I’m not exactly a “green” mom or blogger. But I do what I can, such as changing out my lightbulbs for LED versions and using reusable dryer balls. And I’m always willing to support a cause, especially one that is looking out for our kids’ health and safety. Seventh Generation has launched their Campaign for a Toxin Free Generation, and they’ve taken it all the way to Capitol Hill.


Over 120,000 individuals have signed their name to a petition to reform the 1976 Toxic Substance Control Act, which regulates chemicals in everyday products. Oh, and those signatures? They were obtained in only one month’s time! This is clearly an issue that resonates with a lot of people.

Here’s the cute part:

The Toxin Freedom Fighters presented the petition to members of the Environment and Public Works Committee, at a press conference, in their superhero gear!


Aren’t those kids just adorable? Here they are with Seventh Generation President, John Replogle.


As part of the press conference, Seventh Generation released the results they obtained after testing various surfaces, soils, and water in the Capitol itself. Their results revealed that even the policymakers themselves are not exempt from exposure to toxic elements.

To learn more about the Toxin Freedom Fighters’ cause, to sign the petition, or to see how many signatures the petition is up to, visit fighttoxins.com.

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April May 20, 2014 - 8:06am

We’re fairly toxin free in our house. The only thing I can’t find a good replacement is bleach!