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Top Ten Tuesday: Shaping Up…Home Edition!

by Megan

Welcome to a new series that will showcase what I have done with my home: decorating, organizing, improvements, etc! To kick it off, I thought I would do a Top Ten Tuesday with some of my favorite things in my home. Here we go, in no particular order:

1. Tree painting bought from China on Ebay

We have one huge wall in our living room that just called for something large, and this fit the bill!

2. Ikea side table

This lovely little table was $5.99 at Ikea, and we use it every single day!

3. Record player

We listen to actual records on a regular basis, and I just like the way it looks in the living room. In other news, I’ve had that silver lamp for years, and I love it too!

4. Beach painting

My kitchen is beach-themed, and this particular painting looks exactly like the entrance to the beach that I grew up on.

5. My grandmother’s mirror

This hung over my grandmother’s couch for years, and now it hangs in my hallway. I love having it in my home, and Vanessa loves to kiss her own reflection!

6. Ikea toybox

TROFAST Storage combination with boxes IKEA

Okay, to be fair, this is not yet in my house! But I’m getting it next week, and I can’t wait. Right now Carter just has one toybox where everything gets thrown, and it’s hard to keep his room well-organized. With this unit, he can have bins for specific toy sets (I’m planning on the big bins on either side, and three smaller bins in the middle space), and he can pull out the bin for whatever toy he wants to play with, and he’ll also know how to pick up his toys. In addition, he can use the top of this box (which is larger than his current toy box in every direction) to play with trains and all his other toys!

7. Toothbrush holder from Etsy

I got this just recently. Our sink in this bathroom is a Roman sink, so there is next to no counter space. This little mason jar creation holds the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste perfectly, and it matches the red/black/gold decor.

8. Black box

This is also in the main bathroom, in the top of a wall storage cabinet. Daniel got it for me as a present, and I love it! I keep my bath fizzies in it.

9. Front entryway

Our house has a covered entryway leading to the front door from the driveway, and it is so nice! It allows us to be outside even if it’s rainy or really sunny. The kids love to play out here.

10. Sandbox

This sandbox I got in perfect condition off Craigslist, and the kids love it. Our living room has french doors leading directly out to the back yard, and the sandbox is right next to the door. Even Vanessa can come and go between the living room and the sandbox, so on nice afternoons, I leave one door open and we come and go as we please!

There’s my top ten for today, but there are a lot of other things that I love (and a couple things I don’t) about my home! Look for more posts in this series coming soon!

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Salena @ A Little Piece of Me March 7, 2012 - 12:38am

I love the toothbrush holder and the sandbox. I’ve always wondered to keep it clean or how to clean it. Interesting pieces you shared. Thanks for linking up!

Megan10e March 7, 2012 - 2:35am

I just updated the post to link to the Etsy shop where I got that toothbrush holder- love it! As for the sandbox, over the winter it got left open and rained on, etc. So just recently we emptied it out and put in new sand, but as long as the cover is left on (and now I have heavy rocks to keep it down on really windy days), it should stay pretty clean!