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Top Ten Tuesday: Desert Island

by Megan

This week’s top ten topic is “Ten things you would want with you on a deserted island.” For the sake of a more interesting list, I will assume that my family is either with me or not able to get there, and that I have the basic survival necessities!

Okay, here we go!

1. Paper and pens- because then I could keep track of the days, write down thoughts, draw pictures, and lots of other ways to keep my mind busy. Maybe even send a message in a bottle. Whoops, no bottle on my list, never mind!

2. Camera- figured I’d include the picture of the camera I’m wanting to get! Assuming I had a way of charging it (see #8?), I’m sure I could get some awesome pictures.

3. Tastykakes Chocolate Juniors- If you haven’t had these, you don’t understand. If you have, you probably live somewhere generally near Philadelphia, because they don’t sell these nationwide! They should. They are incredible.

4. Huge puzzle book- to keep me busy. I bring these on planes, so chances are pretty good that I have one with me, if my being stranded was the result of a plane crash. If my plane goes down, I’ll be clutching my puzzle book!

5. The Stand, by Stephen King- one of my favorite books, and a long one too!

6. Hair ties- seems simple, but once my hair starts getting long, I will definitely want it out of the way!

7. A cute bikini- wouldn’t look good at first, but after a few weeks of being stranded, I’d start to look better and better in it. Well, maybe not if I’m only eating chocolate juniors. And by the way, don’t ever google “bikini.” Just don’t do it.

8. Solar-powered radio- okay, maybe I could use it to call for help, but if I can get some Cee Lo on there, I’d be happy.

9. THIS LOUNGE CHAIR- DO google “lounge chair!” I had a really pretty picture of a hammock on the beach, and then I remembered that I fall out of hammocks.

10. Wacky Noodle Chair- I’m a bad swimmer and, well, this lady just looks so happy in her wacky noodle chair!

What are your desert island essentials?

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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby April 3, 2012 - 4:01pm

great list! a noodle chair is a great idea!

Alisha April 4, 2012 - 7:17pm

Love the noodle chair! I want one!